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15 Songs From The 90’s We Want To Forget


The nineties were pop culture fireworks. The decade brought us Friends, the Internet, and O.J. Simpson. It was also an exciting time for music, introducing to us the grunge rock bands, Eminem, and The Fugees. Not everything was new, fun, and double-murder trials though. There was also a lot of popular music that was bad, like, really bad. Unfortunately these songs didn’t die out with the turn of the new millennium.

So what does it take to make this list? First, it had to be one of those songs that were overplayed so much it became a staple of the times and in certain cases, continues to receive airplay today. Second, and this is key, any song from the genre that was terrible then and somehow found a niche in our lifestyles such as weddings or sports events. These are the worst of the worst and need to be forgotten.

Honorable mention goes to Shania Twain who had many hits in the nineties, but it’s “You’re Still The One I Want” twang that continues to hang in the air today. There is nothing too horrible about the actual song, but it doesn’t go away and hours, weeks, years later, it’s still in your head. It’s the type of song that can drive you mad.

No finger pointing at any one genre, we’ve got hip hop, pop, country, and rock represented here. Everything from un-sexiness to thongs to mullets, everything is here. Man, the nineties was a good decade for mullets. Here are the songs from the nineties you really want to just forget.

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Happy V-Day! Love Songs That Make You Want To Vomit


As another Valentine’s Day approaches, what a perfect time to look at those songs that make us feel the love. Actually, it’s an even better time to look at the songs about love that make us cringe and reach for the nearest bucket. Here are the worst songs about love that make you want to vomit.

Any list about what love songs stink is very subjective so let me lay down a couple of ground rules I’m following. First, Lionel Richie is the man so I’m not having any of that. Richie has always had me at “Hello.” Michael Bolton is not the man, but back in the day his hair was made for love songs, massive sensual love songs. Also, “Every Breath You Take” by The Police is a good song, don’t tell me anything different. Same goes for “I Just Called To Say I Love You” by Stevie Wonder. It was Eddie Murphy who said it best: Don’t mess with Stevie. That’s pretty much it as far as rules goes: no Ritchie or Bolton, leave them alone.

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(ALBUM REVIEW) Attik Door – Never In Agreement


It would be impossible to identify all of the musical influences of Attick Door because they mix so many different sounds to give their music a unique feel. From the former USSR, the band leans on their past while mixing in the present.
Never In Agreement kicks off with “Posers”, an angst filled tune with catchy guitars and even catchier chorus. This is a great opening song that leads into “Bleed”, a mix of hard core rapping and rock over guitars that are somehow find an acceptable balance between classic rock and thrash. That may sound confusing, but this appears to be Attick Door’s bread and butter, fusing different genres together to create a unique sound, that works. I wasn’t crazy seeing a song named “California” from a band based in California (a little cliché don’t you think?), but they played it straight and works. I stand corrected.

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Hot For Teacher


Do you like big, scary tits and David Lee Roth era Van Halen? If yes, well then, I’ve got a video for you.

A new cover of the Van Halen hit “Hot For Teacher” pays tribute to the classic song and video. Female author, actress, and model Trisha Paytas steps into David Lee Roth’s shoes in a video parody. The video was filmed in L.A., at John Marshall High School, the same school where Van Halen’s original “Hot For Teacher” video was recorded.

David Lee Roth is more than just parodied; he has an intro for the video. Apparently there was one rule and that was “just one take!” A little disappointed he didn’t finish with a back flip.

It doesn’t take long to see where this video is headed – part parody, part entertainment, part nightmare! The green “Bengal print” spandex really goes through a test in this one. Why aren’t the other girls more involved? Paytas and her giant breasts are total camera hogs. Also, the casting for the teacher could have been better, maybe someone more famous? I’m guessing Roth said no.

There is something not welcoming about those giant boobs, I’ve never seen that before. Pretty sure I’m not sleeping tonight.

The ending, with her mom showing disappointment is so unbelievable and not convincing. Obviously this girl fucks someone new (and probably much older) on a daily basis.

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The Darkness Returns


If you like graphic novels, blood and snappy dialogue you are in for a treat. If you like all three and also really like feet you are Quentin Tarantino. Here’s the new video “Barbarian” from The Darkness.

Lead singer Justin Hawkins says this song contains “not one but two dramatic monologues, a guitar solo that has been declared ‘irresponsible,’ a riff that weakens lady knees and a chorus that makes grown men shit directly into their pants.” You have been warned.

The video starts off looking like a Hagar the Horrible comic strip. Hagar the Horrible was never where I first went to on the funnies page, but usually worth a glance.

The band is shirtless in the rain which means they might be near a club in South Beach, Miami. This scene is followed by splattering blood and then grocery cart races.

The lyrics are “Great Dane with the sword” so naturally they put a Great Dane with a sword. (Thank you for this.) I mentioned Tarantino above, but this video is very much something he would enjoy (Note: Pretty sure he would add racist humor and bad wigs).

For the lyrics “Corpses in the snow…” look in the background, is that Frosty the Snowman back there? Frosty, come back!

At 2:47 in this video, the band is definitely taking graphic design liberties with the depiction of their bodies.

Hey, did the drummer just get shot in the head? I see, they all got murdered while someone nearby sketched the whole incident, or maybe they were murdered by the graphic artist.

Thank you whoever you are for telling this story, I needed a good laugh…

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Chris Holmes (W.A.S.P.) Does It Again


This week we have videos from Killit and Lucifer Rise, but what really matters is that we have another video from Chris Holmes. If you are having a bad day, watching this video may just be the cure.

Killit have released “Shut It Down”, the London rockers’ first single and video. The video starts in a lab type setting with lots of fancy systems. There is also a white van with no windows and a trio of beautiful women. Lots of promise here. One of the girls is on the run, being chased by a couple of guys from the Beastie Boys “Sabatoge” video (minus the facial hair). One guy has a pony tail and the other is bald, it’s a modern version of Laurel and Hardy. The girl keeps running, eventually ending up in what appears to be Freddy Krueger’s boiler room. Next, she avoids the motion detectors, finally reaching the power room where she is going to SHUT IT DOWN because, well I don’t know why, I guess because that’s the name of the song…

Lucifer Rise have released their latest single and video “Mama.” There is a woman who is dressed in a tight black dress and is carrying a whip. Time to go to work and make the donuts! Lots of walking through hallways and we never actually find out what she does. I’m assuming herbal dominatrix and her whips are made from organic materials…

Former W.A.S.P. guitarist Chris Holmes is back with another one of his videos, this one for the song “Let it Roar.” Up to this point his videos have been heavy on guitars, below average on vocals and the scenes high on comedy. Once again, Holmes doesn’t disappoint. Here are my thoughts while watching this one…
– Hey look, it’s the Mean Man boat.
– Holmes on scene with a double flip off and a hit off the E-cigarette. Bad Boy #1 (or #1245 depending on the list)
– Few can rock the sleeveless jean jacket as well as Holmes. Check out the middle finger patch on the back. Is this his logo now? Is this Holmes attempt at Branding?
– Wow, now we are inside a house, this video has taken a crazy turn…
– I mean where to start, the dainty coffee cup, the lounging lazy boy or the vocals?
– Let’s just all agree that we should bottle up these vocals and save them, for something.
– So what exactly happened here? First, there was a yacht and the potential for a bikini party and now I’m just watching Holmes sing in his house while he watches TV?
– Holy shit, all of this just happened: Holmes licking an ice cream cone, the “fuck off” guitar and “I’m an animal”
– If Holmes was to make a list of “things he likes”, Harleys and Jack Daniels would definitely be number 1 and 2.
– Now I’m watching Holmes fish. Is this still a music video?
– Is Holmes jamming in his actual bedroom, I assume he sleeps in a room covered by posters (even on the ceiling)
– Ends with the middle finger; circle of life, at least Holmes life
– If Ted Nugent ever gets his own network, Holmes should pitch a show titled “The Fishing Pole”, just strippers and fishing…

Kix is For Kids


A couple of throwback bands and another Swedish group bring their videos to the ramblings this week.

Kix are back with their seventh album, ‘Rock Your Face Off’, and have a music video for the song “Wheels In Motion.” Guitars. Head banging. Fist pumping. Just like old times – seriously this group hasn’t aged as much as the others. Did they only partake in the “good” drugs? Maybe I didn’t appreciate Kix enough the first time around. I realize this is a hometown (Baltimore) audience, but still these guys are kicking ass! Even for Baltimore…

The Babys not only released their first album in 30 years, they hit the top 10 with “I See You There.” They have now released a “behind the scenes” video for their hit song. Okay, so I get it, it’s a sweet song and all, but this video is a little bit too close don’t you think? Really need to add some smoke, static or something. At some point if you are watching this video you wonder how far this band can actually see these days…

Swedish rockers, Eclipse, have released a video for their upcoming album’s first single, “Stand On Your Feet.” The video starts with a boxer, off his feet. He gets up, but it’s not to fight someone, but instead hit a heavy bag. Did the bag knock him out? Push up montage follows jump roping and lots of sweat. He never makes it into the ring! No blood? The song is great, but the video? Very disappointing…

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