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Guys I Hate: St. Patty’s Day Drunk Guy

Welcome to Guys I Hate, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Got a guy you hate? Drop me a comment – we probably hate a lot of the same guys.


I love holidays, I really do. Halloween through New Year’s Eve – huge time for me and my family. I can even handle Valentine’s Day. I loathe St. Patrick’s Day and there is nothing worse than drunk guy or we might as well just say drunk bro. Who exactly is this guy? He’s the one who takes off work so he can start drinking at 7:00am because “you can’t be drunk by noon if you don’t start early!” If you happen to get pulled into going out after work and end up at an Irish Pub it’s always six people deep at the bar trying to get a beer. This guy is always standing next to me and is always ready to throw a punch. Why? The guy is so blasted he won’t even remember the scene. He has puke on his shirt and is wearing a green shirt that probably says IRISH even though he’s clearly of Italian descent. Fuck this guy and if you see him out this Friday feel free to throw a proactive punch on my behalf…


Guys I Love: Coffee Cart Guy

Welcome to Guys I Love, it’s pretty self-explanatory, it’s the opposite of Guys I hate. Got a guy you love? Drop me a comment – we probably love a lot of the same guys.


As much as piss and bad attitudes, NYC coffee cart guys are a staple of the city. They are parked before you hit the street, waiting with piping hot coffee and pastries. If you sleep in, no worries, the coffee is still hot, of course the pastries are not quite as fresh, but that just gives them that special cart taste. Coffee cart guy doesn’t charge much, he’s running his business based on volume and when he gets a tip, even the most minimal he is grateful. Not only does coffee cart guy always have a smile he has it despite some of the less than grateful customers he deals with on a daily basis. I’m guessing coffee cart guy keeps a loaded gun inside. Good for you coffee cart guy! Keep those bagels safe!

Guys I Hate: Laundry Bag-Jacker Guy

Welcome to Guys I Hate, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Got a guy you hate? Drop me a comment – we probably hate a lot of the same guys.


I know, don’t wait until Sunday to do laundry, but you know what, sometimes it just happens. This past week I was forced to deal with a laundry room full of people stalking open washing and drying machines. What typical took 2 hours took several hours, again, I know better. Finally I had my last load in the dryer; that’s when I noticed… Someone had jacked my laundry bag. Who does this? Let’s see, how to describe my laundry bag… Well, it’s pretty easy, its mesh and costs 50 cents, but that’s not the point… The point is I now had to use a garbage bag like a homeless person while someone else lived in laundry royalty with my 50 cent bag. Fuck you laundry bag-jacker guy! I’m on the lookout. Hate that guy…

Guys I Hate: Guy Holding The Subway Door

Welcome to Guys I Hate, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Got a guy you hate? Drop me a comment – we probably hate a lot of the same guys.


If you live in New York you know this guy. He is the guy holding the subway doors open while his friends are still coming down the stairs. We are all in a hurry pal and oh, yeah bonus during a heat wave when letting in all the hot air. This guy believes his time is more important and can be heard saying, “Don’t worry dude, take your time. I got this!” This guy always has the same look: beard, vintage jacket that is supposed to look worn but probably paid a lot for it and ironic looking glasses. Sometimes, I wish the doors were stronger, strong enough to crush his arms. Not kill him mind you, just a couple of clean breaks. This guy and his nonchalant attitude really gets me!

Guys I Hate: Morning Construction Worker Deli Guy

Welcome to Guys I Hate, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Got a guy you hate? Drop me a comment – we probably hate a lot of the same guys.


It never fails. I’m starving, running late for work and need to grab a quick breakfast. I pop into the deli to order a quick egg white and cheese on a roll when I have to wait… He’s usually wearing an orange vest and is holding a piece of wood, shingle or very large piece of construction paper. Regardless of the item it contains orders for 15 construction workers – all different and all requiring drinks with specific instructions (little milk with 1 and a half Splendas)! It’s the type of order that could take hours and I have minutes. Lucky for me my deli guys are fast, but I still have to wait for constructions guys order to be read and that alone is 15 minutes I’ll never get back!

Gotham Sleaze Flashback: Blondie’s Way


For many, Blondie may be considered more of a pop band today, but their roots are entrenched in punk and rock and roll and came up the same time as Ramones, Television and Talking Heads. Blondie songs are catchy with wicked hooks, but what really makes them a great band is their attitude and make no mistake pop music lovers, this band drips with punk attitude.

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Gotham Sleaze: Introducing Rave La Kill


New York City has always been an epicenter for great rock and roll bands full of attitude and filth. Because of the plethora of bands it can be a daunting task to keep up with which groups are on hiatus, in the studio, or taking a permanent break. The flipside to this is when a new band forms. That can be pure excitement.

Meet Rave La Kill, a Brooklyn band featuring Eric Jayk (Wildstreet) on vocals and guitar, James “J Bomb” Harrison (Sex Slaves) on drums, and Felix Skiver (Sick Mind) on guitar. They have just released their debut single “Born To Be”, a dirty guitar driven tune that mixes industrial sounds with wicked lyrics.

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