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15 Shocking Facts About Kurt Cobain


Kurt Cobain was more than a musician. For many, he was a voice of a generation, in a time when hope was dwindling and music was too manufactured. Enter Cobain and his stripped down guitar, lyrics, and a message that was always high on revolution, challenging the status quo, and love, always full of love.

A lot was written during his ascent to stardom, during the ups and downs of his band Nirvana as well as after his death by suicide. Some is shocking, some strange, but regardless, it’s very interesting. Cobain was a unique individual that, despite being quiet, was always the center of attention once he entered a room or took the stage.

So what didn’t make the list? There was a rumor that Cobain auditioned for the Melvins prior to forming Nirvana. This is not true. Did you know what Cobain did the first time he saw his video “Smells Like Teen Spirit” on television? He called his mom. See, stars are just like us! Cobain also wrote about sexual assault, but it’s not the song “Rape Me” that many associate to this. That song is more about the media and their relationship with his band. The song “Polly” was based on a sexual assault story he heard about, written from the perspective of the woman who was assaulted.

Ready to learn more about the grunge god Kurt Cobain? We’ve got dedicated songs, some of Cobain’s favorite people and even a petting zoo? Say what? That’s right, it’s time to get started. Here are 15 shocking facts you didn’t know about Kurt Cobain.

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15 Favorite Songs Of D-Bags


We know the songs, we know the audience. Whenever I hear the opening of one of these tunes I look around and say a little prayer, hoping no douchebags are around. Oh, the horror when these songs are played! These are the absolute worst songs loved by douchebags.

So many songs have been ruined by d-bags. Pretty much any song by The Black Eyed Peas or George Thorogood could make the list, but didn’t make it. That’s how strong this list is, even Thorogood doesn’t make it. Douchebags love to announce their music, especially if it’s a punk rock or indie band and is announced as “you probably have never heard this one” – major d-bag move. Other songs that just missed the mark are Pearl Jam’s “Evenflow,” a song that really hasn’t held up and is the epitome of an early radio hit that no longer represents the band.

Sure, I could have included “The Sickness” by Disturbed, but then you would have to hear another Tampa strip club story, it’s like I have a hundred of these stories, right? Anyway, other songs that missed were “Back Door Man” by The Doors and “Stairway To Heaven” by Led Zeppelin, both loved by douchebags, but also loved by non-douchebags so let’s just be cool with these tunes.

We’ve got lots of eighties, some weak-ass R&B, and too much New Jersey. I didn’t even bring Bruce Springsteen into the conversation – that’s too much New Jersey! Put in your ear plugs, here come 15 songs that only douchebags like.

Review: Linchette Marcel


Lithuanian rockers, Linchette Marcel, have released new music, four songs that will provide the base for an upcoming LP scheduled for release later this year.


When listening to music I try to stay away from “sounds like…”; however, in this case, I must make an exception. Linchette Marcel sounds like Stone Temple Pilots from back before their initial break-up, this is a good thing. STP has always been a band that from album to album recreated themselves, there’s a basic sound that’s consistent, but a lot of experimenting that always made each release unique. Linchette Marcel’s music is like finding unique, unreleased Stone Temple Pilots music. Music that is meant to be enjoyed and cherished as good ole fashioned groovy rock and roll.

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Classic Rock Stars With The Highest Energy


When thinking about rock stars, you may picture someone that spends their life hanging with groupies before a show, playing a one-hour set on stage and then it’s time for post-show groupie time. For some, this may be accurate, but there are a number of “classic” rock stars that continue to work their asses off, and I’m not referring to the groupie scene here. In some cases, these rock stars are old enough to collect social security, yet they still make music, go on tour, write books, host radio shows and much, much more. Here are 10 rock stars well past their prime that still work harder than you.

Unfortunately, Motorhead frontman Lemmy just missed the list, recently passing at the age of 70. Despite his ongoing illnesses and age, Lemmy and his band Motorhead were still putting out music right up until his cancer diagnosis, just days before he died. Other honorable mentions include Paul McCartney, a legend that seems to be available anytime there’s an on-screen collaboration, Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day) who found time to release three albums and perform in a Broadway musical based on his music, and finally, Sebastian Bach who continues to make music as a solo artist as well as being an available voice for whatever super group of the week is touring.

We’ve got ex-addicts done straight, rockers that continue to defy celebrity death pools, lots of hair, and of course, Dave Grohl (because he is everywhere). Here are 10 classic rock stars that still work harder than you:

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What You May Not Know About Guns N’ Roses


Known as The World’s Most Dangerous Band, Guns N’ Roses blasted onto the L.A. rock scene in 1985, unleashing their debut album, Appetite For Destruction. It set the stage for a decade and beyond of destruction, hard-hitting rock and roll and lawsuits. Recently there has been talk of a reunion that may include the original members Axl Rose, Slash, Duff McKagan, Izzy Stradlin and Steven Adler. Although it is still just a rumor at this point, the fact that Axl and Slash are not denying it makes it intriguing and possible.

If you have ever followed Guns N’ Roses, you probably used the word “shocking” more than “interesting” in describing their antics and decision making. The band never seemed to take the easy road; specifically lead singer Axl Rose.

Events that didn’t make the list (honorable mentions) include the time Axl stopped a show in Buenos Aires after a fan threw a bottle his way. Given the language difference, Axl brought an interpreter on stage, threatening to cancel the show if it happened again. There was also the first “tour” now famously referred to as the “Hell Tour” where the band got into a wicked car accident that almost ended Guns N’ Roses before they were known.

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Review: The Great Game


Founded by the original composer, Mounzer Sarraf, The Great Game combines many musical influences and backgrounds that crosses continents with members from the Middle East as well as North and South America. In 2014 the band came together in Spain to record an album that they have made available for free on their website. The goal of this band is to show you first hand: Listen to the music and then go see them live!

It takes about 5 seconds into the first song, “Science”, when you start to get a feel of the musical fusion The Great Game brings. “Science” starts at a melodic rate and builds into a heavier, hard rock beat, escalating as the lyrical message dictates. First listen it seems that the message may be just as important as the music, after subsequent listens, this is confirmed.

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15 Terribly Overrated Pop/Rock Stars


A great way to kill time over a beer (or a month depending on passion of the topic) is discuss which singers are overrated. There may be some cases where everyone is in agreement, but what you will find more often is that you will disagree on many more.

This list focuses on the mainstream, I’m sure there are hundreds of indie bands with sub-par vocalists (and many more that kick ass), but I’m going to go with the majority here. Also, the focus is going to be pop and rock. I’m not going to pretend I can tell a good country singer from another, and hip hop, well that’s an entirely different skill set altogether.

A few have always walked the line and it’s really based on personal preference. I believe Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins), Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), the late Layne Staley (Alice in Chains) and Neil Young are average to good lead singers – some will adamantly disagree. In the pop world you could make the argument that Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson are severely overrated, but I don’t think people focus solely on their voices; instead, it’s the songs and performances that made them elite pop stars. Anyone who claims Kurt Cobain and Axl Rose are overrated I disagree with; in fact I would put both in my top 10 rock vocalists of all time. Just needed to get that out of the way and move on. Here are the 15 most overrated lead singers of all time.

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