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15 Richest NBA Players

Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls (L) looks to m

The NBA and the salaries of their players is always a hot topic. Are the players making too much? Are the players making too little? Overall a debatable topic; however, our list of the top 15 showcases the top talents that have delivered for their teams, cities, and the NBA. They are super rich and it’s deserved.

Looking into what factors in to a player’s net worth is not only salary, but also business ventures as well as sponsorships. Most of the players on this list have made healthy salaries playing and the truly elite have gone beyond. Which players just missed the list? Oh, there are a few, some truly not deserving of the top 15.

First, there’s Dwayne Wade, the cornerstone of for the Miami Heat and their three championships. Valued with a net worth of $90 million dollars, he just falls short, but in my opinion has been worth every penny. Now, three dishonorable mentions. First, Dwight Howard ($100 million), a great player that has yet delivered greatness on a team level. Currently on the Atlanta Hawks, he will have another chance this season in the playoffs, but don’t hold your breath. Then there’s Juwan Howard ($80 million), the first NBA player to be awarded a $100-million-dollar contract and it’s safe to say not worthy. Finally, we have Alan Houston who received a six-year $100-million-dollar contract because his agent convinced the New York Knicks he was the next Michael Jordan. Sadly, he was not.

Ready to see the richest NBA players? We’ve got current stars, ex-stars that are now in the broadcast booth, and, of course, Michael Jordan, who should probably be on here twice given his influence and net worth. Here are the 15 richest NBA stars today.

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#8 Don Draper Returns With Drink in Hand…OWR Friday Pop Culture Rankings!


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10. Michael Phelps

Not only is Phelps hawking Coca-Cola, an alleged report from a dominatrix says Phelps asked her to pee on him. Does she mean pour warm Coke on him? Because that’s what warm Coke tastes like.

9. Cinderella is Dead

No long-shots advance to the Sweet Sixteen. To all the degenerate gamblers: back to the roulette tables. (See you there!)

8. Don Draper

The fictional character returns Easter Sunday with the premier of Mad Men, presumably with drink in hand.

7. Jon Hamm

Checks out of rehab for alcohol, presumably with no drink in hand.

6. NFL Veteran Combine

Nothing is sadder than this. Michael Jordan in a Wizards uniform is less sad.

5. Michael Jordan

This week Adidas noted that the reason they didn’t sign Jordan before Nike was because he wasn’t tall enough. This is very bad news for Tom Cruise if he was hoping to ink a deal with Adidas.

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Greatest NBA Dunkers of All-Time


Dipsey doo dunkaroo! There’s nothing better than a great dunk in the NBA. A combination of attitude and style, the dunk, is the ultimate play on the court. Some dunkers use brute force, throwing down their jams while others mix in finesse. Both have the ability to make the crowd stand and pump their fists. This list includes examples of both and a few that have the perfect mix of finesse and throw down.

When looking at the great dunkers it’s impossible not to consider the NBA All-Star Weekend Slam Dunk Contest. Since 1984 this event has showcased the truly great leapers and jammers in the NBA. Keep in mind though, that being in the dunk contest could expose you as well, so there are both positive and negative factors in participating.

Not everyone made the list, a few honorable mentions include old-school dunkers Harold Minor and David Thompson as well as LeBron James, who has never participated in a slam dunk contest (not a prerequisite for the list, but suspicious nonetheless). Also, Blake Griffin isn’t here. Sure he dunks hard, but so do others and his “jumping over a car” in the 2011 dunk contest was too contrived for my taste. Also, Nate Robinson, winner of two dunk contests during a time when you were allowed to miss 1,000 dunks before one counted. It was dark times for dunking.

This list has old-school meets new-school, power versus style, tall and short and lessons from the past. Here are your 15 greatest dunkers of all time.

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Most Clutch NBA Players of All-Time


Three, two, one… Who do you want taking the shot as the clock winds down? It’s not always an All-NBA star and for some players it becomes their specialty, their calling card in the NBA. Bonus if you end up with a nickname due to your clutch shooting. Nicknames make everything better.

All of these players have no fear when it comes to “taking the shot,” regardless of whether it goes in or not. One consistent characteristic is that each player puts himself in position to either have the ball or receive it during crunch time. These are the guys that want to be down two, pulling up from beyond the arc with a chance to win! They don’t even think about the other option.

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