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15 Songs From The 90’s We Want To Forget


The nineties were pop culture fireworks. The decade brought us Friends, the Internet, and O.J. Simpson. It was also an exciting time for music, introducing to us the grunge rock bands, Eminem, and The Fugees. Not everything was new, fun, and double-murder trials though. There was also a lot of popular music that was bad, like, really bad. Unfortunately these songs didn’t die out with the turn of the new millennium.

So what does it take to make this list? First, it had to be one of those songs that were overplayed so much it became a staple of the times and in certain cases, continues to receive airplay today. Second, and this is key, any song from the genre that was terrible then and somehow found a niche in our lifestyles such as weddings or sports events. These are the worst of the worst and need to be forgotten.

Honorable mention goes to Shania Twain who had many hits in the nineties, but it’s “You’re Still The One I Want” twang that continues to hang in the air today. There is nothing too horrible about the actual song, but it doesn’t go away and hours, weeks, years later, it’s still in your head. It’s the type of song that can drive you mad.

No finger pointing at any one genre, we’ve got hip hop, pop, country, and rock represented here. Everything from un-sexiness to thongs to mullets, everything is here. Man, the nineties was a good decade for mullets. Here are the songs from the nineties you really want to just forget.

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Rich Dudes: Hot Wives


Call them trophy wives, arm candy, or just a hot significant other, these wives and girlfriends of the rich are clearly one thing: hot. The criteria is pretty simple. The guy is loaded? Check. The girl is hot? Check. That’s really all there is to this formula. Here are some of the hottest WAGS of the rich.

Some hotties just didn’t make the cut. Heather Ann Rosbeck, married to Bill Wrigley Jr. just misses the list. Before being the wife of the man expected to inherit the fortunes of the chewing gum empire, she was also an actress, appearing in There’s Something About Mary as well as The Contender. It’s not the movies that get her an honorable mention, it’s who she married. Another who just misses the list is Flavia Sampaio, girlfriend of Eike Batista who just happens to be the richest man in Brazil. She is a lawyer who practices environmental law as well as tax law. She also runs a group that helps kids. Look at that, beautiful arm candy and a good person, good for her and him.

For rich guys, having your pick of hot girls is one of the great perks. For girls, you get a lot of perks as well. Who knows, one day you might be a model who latches onto a rich guy and eventually he becomes president of the United States of America. It could happen – hey, it did happen! Okay, okay, enough spoilers, let’s check out who really are the hottest WAGS of these loaded dudes.

15 Models Told They Are Too Fat


Body shaming isn’t just for us common folk. Even models are impacted, sometimes in much more humiliating ways. Here are 15 models that were deemed too fat to model.

Longevity in the modeling industry is tough enough; you typically have a set number of years where you can capitalize on your figure and looks. Models go up a size and their career is over, or worse yet, they are told they are too fat and are let go on the spot. Model Katie Willcox was a size 10 and got down to a size 6 in order to book jobs for catalogs. Unable to keep it up, she threw in the towel and started her own agency that focused on healthy models versus super skinny models. Even Heidi Klum was deemed “too big” to be a runway model. She was told she was too heavy and had too big a chest to do fashion shows. She admits that the clothes never really fit and decided being a Victoria’s Secret Angel and featured in Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue was enough for her. What about Lara Stone, a size 4? Yes, she has also been told she’s too fat. In one case, she was asked to wear a corset to make her look thinner because she had become too curvy.

We’ve got models that got fat, were told they were too big their whole career, and even their butts were deemed too fat for modeling. After all the eating disorders, dieting, and trying to hide their fat, it didn’t matter, they were all called too fat to model. Here are 15 models too “fat” to continue modeling.

15 Body Builders That Got Way Too Big


Bodybuilding is rich in history and still popular today. The biggest difference between then and now is the level of competitiveness. Trying to gain any advantage is necessary in order to compete in the current bodybuilding environment, leading many to explore alternative approaches such as hormone supplements, steroids or excessive diuretics. Sometimes this exploration leads to major issues including death. Here are bodybuilders that went too far trying to create, in their minds, the perfect body.

Oli Cooney is a tragic bodybuilding case and although he didn’t make this list is worth mentioning. Starting at the age of 16, Cooney started openly taking steroids and despite warnings by doctors he was dead by the age of 20. If the doctors’ warnings weren’t enough, the heart attacks (2) and strokes (3) really should have put a damper on his workout plan.

In 1972 Steve Michalik was named Mr. America and in 1975 he won the title of Mr. Universe. These victories came at a price, the price of extensive steroid use that would cause liver, heart and kidney issues, eventually leading to his death at the age of 63.

It’s time to flex our minds and see who the truly shocking bodybuilders that went too far are. Keep in mind these are exceptions and I guess also a potential tale of caution to those just entering this sport. We’ve got death, murder and an exploding bicep. You read that correctly, we’ve got an exploding bicep, folks! You may never want to go to the gym again. Here are 15 bodybuilders that went too far…

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15 Actors And The Movies They Hated


Work sucks, even in Hollywood. For movie stars, this is especially true when dealing with writers, directors, producers and other actors. In extreme cases, these actors end up hating their director or the final movie. Sometimes it’s their fault, sometimes someone else’s; regardless, they aren’t happy and often let people know publicly how much they hated their latest project.

The great George Clooney gets the first honorable mention here for his work in Batman & Robin, a movie that had box office success, but was just not very good. Clooney didn’t blame anyone for this one, even stating “I think we may have killed the franchise.” Lucky for us, he didn’t and Batman has continued on. David Cross had a similar, but very different experience when he “starred” in Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked. He didn’t like the output and told people not to go see it. I mean, really? You did sign up for this one.

We’ve got more superheroes, young Hollywood stars and even some old Hollywood stars. Some of these actors were clearly out of control, some apologized and some still hold a grudge. Hey, can’t we all just get along?

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10 Common Traits of Serial Killers


Could you be living next to a serial killer? Often we hear how nice or quiet a serial killer was prior to finding out they had left a trail of bodies behind. What is it about these murderers that drive them to the unthinkable? Well, there are common traits, and here we look at the 10 characteristics most common.

Of course, this is not a pleasant thing to think about, but it may be important to know just in case you come in contact with an individual with these traits. Note, this doesn’t necessarily mean someone with these traits is a serial killer, but you may want to keep an eye on them.

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14 Most Shocking Torture Devices Of All Time


During Medieval times, criminals or those disloyal or wrongly accused often didn’t get a trial and if they did have a form of a trial, safe to say there were no appeals if found guilty. Instead, they were persecuted via torture.

Years ago, I visited a torture museum in Amsterdam. They had all the “classics,” but there was one that stuck with me, it was called The Saw. It was just a very long saw, the kind that takes two people to use, like lumberjacks use to chop down big trees. The picture accompanying it had nothing to do with lumberjacks. Again, The Saw stayed with me. There is something about these devices that are especially disturbing and personal.

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