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15 Shocking Facts About Kurt Cobain


Kurt Cobain was more than a musician. For many, he was a voice of a generation, in a time when hope was dwindling and music was too manufactured. Enter Cobain and his stripped down guitar, lyrics, and a message that was always high on revolution, challenging the status quo, and love, always full of love.

A lot was written during his ascent to stardom, during the ups and downs of his band Nirvana as well as after his death by suicide. Some is shocking, some strange, but regardless, it’s very interesting. Cobain was a unique individual that, despite being quiet, was always the center of attention once he entered a room or took the stage.

So what didn’t make the list? There was a rumor that Cobain auditioned for the Melvins prior to forming Nirvana. This is not true. Did you know what Cobain did the first time he saw his video “Smells Like Teen Spirit” on television? He called his mom. See, stars are just like us! Cobain also wrote about sexual assault, but it’s not the song “Rape Me” that many associate to this. That song is more about the media and their relationship with his band. The song “Polly” was based on a sexual assault story he heard about, written from the perspective of the woman who was assaulted.

Ready to learn more about the grunge god Kurt Cobain? We’ve got dedicated songs, some of Cobain’s favorite people and even a petting zoo? Say what? That’s right, it’s time to get started. Here are 15 shocking facts you didn’t know about Kurt Cobain.

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Parenting Tips 101: Don’t Watch Law & Order SVU Then Take Your Kid To a Waterpark

Welcome to parenting tips 101. Don’t expect many of these, I don’t really have a lot of tips in this area.


This past weekend I was busy doing God knows what and had the television on for background sound. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit was on because it’s always on. (Note: that’s fact.) Anyway, you can’t help but eavesdrop on the show. The episodes that day each involved a toddler being stolen from a public place. One second they are there the next a kid-toucher is running with them down the street toward the subway. These guys are pros and (according to the show) know where every camera is so if you lose your kid good luck! So…the next day I found myself at a big water park with lots of people. I wouldn’t let a second go with my eyes off my kid, fearing he was going to be snatched by a kid-toucher and taken to a dungeon… I consider myself lucky there was no incident; however, and this is going to be hard to believe…there was a bar in the middle of the park with three televisions and one had on Law & Order SVU – I’m not joking folks! That’s not acceptable regardless of how much you like Ice-T. Is Ice-T hyphenated? By the way, is kid-toucher hyphenated? Obviously I have fears of both… In summary: If you are a parent don’t watch this show, especially if you are going to a water park the next day. This has been parenting tips 101…



Guys I Love: Drunk Elevator Guy

Welcome to Guys I Love, it’s pretty self-explanatory, it’s the opposite of Guys I hate. Got a guy you love? Drop me a comment – we probably love a lot of the same guys.


I keep late hours which means I’m also running errands (laundry, groceries, etc…) late at night. In the elevators I often come across drunk guy. He’s always talking nonsense, something how the pizza man never came or asking questions like “how many 9 year-old toddlers can you beat up?” Always breaking off mid-sentence, just senseless crazy talk – and I love it. Sometimes I have my dog and they always comment and I say “yeah, she’s a good dog” and they will retort with “no, that’s the BEST fucking dog!” Drunk elevator guy always wishes you a good night, never forgets. I love drunk elevator guy.

Guys I Love: NYC Crazy Guy That Reminds Me of Eddie Murphy

Welcome to Guys I Love, it’s pretty self-explanatory, it’s the opposite of Guys I hate. Got a guy you love? Drop me a comment – we probably love a lot of the same guys.


New York City is full of crazy guys, bat shit crazy guys! There is one guy though that I really love. In my 14 years living in the city I’ve seen him only six times or so, but he cracks me up each time. Never in the same neighborhood, this (presumably homeless) guy pulls a wagon that has a speaker hooked up to a microphone. Now, this is not one of those guys that spouts hatred or heckles everyone, no, this guy tells crazy ass jokes. I’m pretty certain their not even funny, but he laughs hard every time. “AND THEN SHE SAID SHUT THE DOOR! YOU KNOW WHAT I DID? SHUT THE DOOR!” Laughter, laughter, laughter. He’s usually dressed in a hoodie and black 80’s style sunglasses. He reminds me of Eddie Murphy in Trading Places. Dude is fucking hilarious! I actually sometimes find myself looking down side streets, hoping… Each time I hear a wagon I turn quickly, too often disappointed. What I like best is that he is always happy, he may be insane, but he’s enjoying himself. This guy cracks me up and I fucking love this guy.

15 Favorite Songs Of D-Bags


We know the songs, we know the audience. Whenever I hear the opening of one of these tunes I look around and say a little prayer, hoping no douchebags are around. Oh, the horror when these songs are played! These are the absolute worst songs loved by douchebags.

So many songs have been ruined by d-bags. Pretty much any song by The Black Eyed Peas or George Thorogood could make the list, but didn’t make it. That’s how strong this list is, even Thorogood doesn’t make it. Douchebags love to announce their music, especially if it’s a punk rock or indie band and is announced as “you probably have never heard this one” – major d-bag move. Other songs that just missed the mark are Pearl Jam’s “Evenflow,” a song that really hasn’t held up and is the epitome of an early radio hit that no longer represents the band.

Sure, I could have included “The Sickness” by Disturbed, but then you would have to hear another Tampa strip club story, it’s like I have a hundred of these stories, right? Anyway, other songs that missed were “Back Door Man” by The Doors and “Stairway To Heaven” by Led Zeppelin, both loved by douchebags, but also loved by non-douchebags so let’s just be cool with these tunes.

We’ve got lots of eighties, some weak-ass R&B, and too much New Jersey. I didn’t even bring Bruce Springsteen into the conversation – that’s too much New Jersey! Put in your ear plugs, here come 15 songs that only douchebags like.

15 Models Told They Are Too Fat


Body shaming isn’t just for us common folk. Even models are impacted, sometimes in much more humiliating ways. Here are 15 models that were deemed too fat to model.

Longevity in the modeling industry is tough enough; you typically have a set number of years where you can capitalize on your figure and looks. Models go up a size and their career is over, or worse yet, they are told they are too fat and are let go on the spot. Model Katie Willcox was a size 10 and got down to a size 6 in order to book jobs for catalogs. Unable to keep it up, she threw in the towel and started her own agency that focused on healthy models versus super skinny models. Even Heidi Klum was deemed “too big” to be a runway model. She was told she was too heavy and had too big a chest to do fashion shows. She admits that the clothes never really fit and decided being a Victoria’s Secret Angel and featured in Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue was enough for her. What about Lara Stone, a size 4? Yes, she has also been told she’s too fat. In one case, she was asked to wear a corset to make her look thinner because she had become too curvy.

We’ve got models that got fat, were told they were too big their whole career, and even their butts were deemed too fat for modeling. After all the eating disorders, dieting, and trying to hide their fat, it didn’t matter, they were all called too fat to model. Here are 15 models too “fat” to continue modeling.

Guys I Love: Confident Airline Pilot Guy

Welcome to Guys I Love, it’s pretty self-explanatory, it’s the opposite of Guys I hate. Got a guy you love? Drop me a comment – we probably love a lot of the same guys.


Most airline pilots stick with the basics – the weather, time duration and the gravel voice. Regardless of what is happening they are under control and want you to know “they got it.” It takes a special mindset to fly a commercial jet and having confidence is a good skill to have. This past week I flew for the holidays and was reminded of this when our pilot commented on the gate. He was going through the typical weather, time, etc… when he says “….and we’ll be pulling into gate C18”, he paused and then added, “it’s a good gate.” I love that! Hell yeah I want to know our pilot likes the gate he got. What if it was C17? Would he had apologized for it being a hell hole? I will probably never know, buy I did love the confident pilot and how he felt about our gate. “Oh, and by the way folks we are coming in to gate C18 – it’s a fucking great gate, you’re really going to enjoy it!”