Guys I Love: Coffee Cart Guy

Welcome to Guys I Love, it’s pretty self-explanatory, it’s the opposite of Guys I hate. Got a guy you love? Drop me a comment – we probably love a lot of the same guys.


As much as piss and bad attitudes, NYC coffee cart guys are a staple of the city. They are parked before you hit the street, waiting with piping hot coffee and pastries. If you sleep in, no worries, the coffee is still hot, of course the pastries are not quite as fresh, but that just gives them that special cart taste. Coffee cart guy doesn’t charge much, he’s running his business based on volume and when he gets a tip, even the most minimal he is grateful. Not only does coffee cart guy always have a smile he has it despite some of the less than grateful customers he deals with on a daily basis. I’m guessing coffee cart guy keeps a loaded gun inside. Good for you coffee cart guy! Keep those bagels safe!


Happy V-Day! Love Songs That Make You Want To Vomit


As another Valentine’s Day approaches, what a perfect time to look at those songs that make us feel the love. Actually, it’s an even better time to look at the songs about love that make us cringe and reach for the nearest bucket. Here are the worst songs about love that make you want to vomit.

Any list about what love songs stink is very subjective so let me lay down a couple of ground rules I’m following. First, Lionel Richie is the man so I’m not having any of that. Richie has always had me at “Hello.” Michael Bolton is not the man, but back in the day his hair was made for love songs, massive sensual love songs. Also, “Every Breath You Take” by The Police is a good song, don’t tell me anything different. Same goes for “I Just Called To Say I Love You” by Stevie Wonder. It was Eddie Murphy who said it best: Don’t mess with Stevie. That’s pretty much it as far as rules goes: no Ritchie or Bolton, leave them alone.

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15 Secrets of Poker


Poker is no longer just “know when to hold them, know when to fold them.” The game of poker has evolved into an international competition where the stakes are the highest, your cash. The years of preying on amateurs have passed, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t tricks to being a better player. Whether you are a rookie player or seasoned veteran on a losing streak and needs to get back to the basics, here are 15 poker secrets the stars wish you would just ignore.

Some of these secrets or tips aren’t brain surgery; however, it’s how you use them. These techniques need to be followed on a consistent basis. Poker players who waver on how they play can expect to lose over time regardless of how well they are doing in the moment. These secrets aren’t for the once a year Vegas player, this is for the player that logs on nightly and is looking for an edge long term.

What didn’t make the list? How about “There Are No Secrets,” now that seems reasonable to not make a list of poker secrets, but there is some validity to it. Everything is right there, in the end the highest ranking hand is the winner. It’s how you get there and knowing the best way to play (secrets) that will make you a winner over time.

Time to deal so here we go… We’ve got when to throw in your cards, when to go with instinct, and the best times to go all in. Check your credit line and let’s get started, here are the 15 secrets poker stars really don’t want you to know.

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Guys I Love: Drunk Elevator Guy

Welcome to Guys I Love, it’s pretty self-explanatory, it’s the opposite of Guys I hate. Got a guy you love? Drop me a comment – we probably love a lot of the same guys.


I keep late hours which means I’m also running errands (laundry, groceries, etc…) late at night. In the elevators I often come across drunk guy. He’s always talking nonsense, something how the pizza man never came or asking questions like “how many 9 year-old toddlers can you beat up?” Always breaking off mid-sentence, just senseless crazy talk – and I love it. Sometimes I have my dog and they always comment and I say “yeah, she’s a good dog” and they will retort with “no, that’s the BEST fucking dog!” Drunk elevator guy always wishes you a good night, never forgets. I love drunk elevator guy.

Guys I Love: NYC Crazy Guy That Reminds Me of Eddie Murphy

Welcome to Guys I Love, it’s pretty self-explanatory, it’s the opposite of Guys I hate. Got a guy you love? Drop me a comment – we probably love a lot of the same guys.


New York City is full of crazy guys, bat shit crazy guys! There is one guy though that I really love. In my 14 years living in the city I’ve seen him only six times or so, but he cracks me up each time. Never in the same neighborhood, this (presumably homeless) guy pulls a wagon that has a speaker hooked up to a microphone. Now, this is not one of those guys that spouts hatred or heckles everyone, no, this guy tells crazy ass jokes. I’m pretty certain their not even funny, but he laughs hard every time. “AND THEN SHE SAID SHUT THE DOOR! YOU KNOW WHAT I DID? SHUT THE DOOR!” Laughter, laughter, laughter. He’s usually dressed in a hoodie and black 80’s style sunglasses. He reminds me of Eddie Murphy in Trading Places. Dude is fucking hilarious! I actually sometimes find myself looking down side streets, hoping… Each time I hear a wagon I turn quickly, too often disappointed. What I like best is that he is always happy, he may be insane, but he’s enjoying himself. This guy cracks me up and I fucking love this guy.

Rich Dudes: Hot Wives


Call them trophy wives, arm candy, or just a hot significant other, these wives and girlfriends of the rich are clearly one thing: hot. The criteria is pretty simple. The guy is loaded? Check. The girl is hot? Check. That’s really all there is to this formula. Here are some of the hottest WAGS of the rich.

Some hotties just didn’t make the cut. Heather Ann Rosbeck, married to Bill Wrigley Jr. just misses the list. Before being the wife of the man expected to inherit the fortunes of the chewing gum empire, she was also an actress, appearing in There’s Something About Mary as well as The Contender. It’s not the movies that get her an honorable mention, it’s who she married. Another who just misses the list is Flavia Sampaio, girlfriend of Eike Batista who just happens to be the richest man in Brazil. She is a lawyer who practices environmental law as well as tax law. She also runs a group that helps kids. Look at that, beautiful arm candy and a good person, good for her and him.

For rich guys, having your pick of hot girls is one of the great perks. For girls, you get a lot of perks as well. Who knows, one day you might be a model who latches onto a rich guy and eventually he becomes president of the United States of America. It could happen – hey, it did happen! Okay, okay, enough spoilers, let’s check out who really are the hottest WAGS of these loaded dudes.

Review: Marty McKay’s New York City Dreams


Marty McKay is back with a follow up to his last album, Sin’s Disciple, and this time he’s focused on the greatest city in the world: New York City. Set to release in February (with videos on the way) you can expect an end-to-end trek from arrival to New York to finding love to going insane, because that’s just what happens here! Seriously, people are insane, it’s the best…



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Marty McKay


New York City Dreams (February 2017)