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Trifecta Thursday: Golden Gate Fields


It’s the first day of spring, what a perfect day to head out to the track. Today we look at the races at Golden Gate Fields. So take in some fresh air, crack open a beverage of choice and let’s pick some winners!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

RACE 1 12:45pm


5. Wild Nicole (S.R. Amador) 5/2

4. Gray Madam (R. Gonzalez) 9/5

Wild Nicole is ready for a win with four starts on the year, placing three times and show once.

RACE 2 1:15pm


5. Itz a Saint (R.A. Baze) 2/1

1. Gift of Tiffany (P.M. Terrero) 6/1

I really like both of these horses and both have had success; perfect time to box the two and hope for the best, which is of course a 1-5 finish.

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Trifecta Thursday: Penn National


Welcome to Trifecta Thursday where I will attempt to pick the winners each week.  This week we go to Penn National.  Last week I hit on my first bet, an exacta with good luck jockey J.C. Diaz!  After that, didn’t win anything.  That’s how they get you and that’s the story of my life.

Thursday, February 6, 1014

RACE 1 6:00pm


6. Wild Night Risk (D. Cora) 8/5

4. Spiritofthenorth (E.Gonzalez) 9/5

Playing it safe for Race #1 and trying to go back-to- back with an opening Exacta bet.

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Trifecta Thursday: The J.C. Diaz Show


Welcome to Trifecta Thursday where I will attempt to pick the winners each week. This week we go to Camarero Race Track in Puerto Rico. John Velázquez, together with Willie Martínez, Norberto Arroyo, Roberto Alvarado, José Vélez, and Carlos Hiram Márquez, join the ranks of outstanding Puerto Rican jockeys in competition throughout the United States. Now that you have your fun fact of the day, let’s take a look at the races.

When: Thursday, January 30
Camarero Race Track

RACE 2 3:30pm

2. Kodiak Kutie (J.Sanchez) 7/5
4. Notably (P.Gonzalez) 5/2

Kodiak has placed 5 out of 7 career races, hence the favorite. I like Notably over Borrego Park because I have this thing with horses with the name “Park.”

RACE 3 4:00pm

3. Remember Lynn (H.Berrios) 7/2
1. Ramonita M (J. C. Diaz) 8/5
5. La Codiciada (E. Castro) 5/2

Three horses are from Florida, the other two Kentucky. Given there is no clear favorite I’m going with a Florida Trifecta. No offense Kentucky, you still have college basketball bragging rights this year.

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