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Electric Black Horse ‘Cheap Party Favors’ Review


All aboard the glam train — New York City’s Electric Black Horse have just released what they consider their true debut album, Cheap Party Favors. A couple of years ago the band released a self-titled debut, which has since been considered more of a demo, and three of those songs are carried over and join four new tunes making Cheap Party Favors, a quickie blast of rock and roll.
Electric Black Horse have said KISS is an influence and they aren’t shy in showing it on the opening track “Stone Foxx”, a straight up KISS rhythm guitar song that hits heavy and still keeps it sexy. “Champagne On Ice” follows and is described by lead singer/guitarist Michael Pate as a song “that just comes on like a pack of wild strippers” — enough said. The album’s first single “Boys and Girls” is a catchy and poppy type that makes you want to chew bubble gum and drink whiskey.

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REVIEW: Sin 4 Sin ‘Good 4 The Body’


Sin 4 Sin’s sophomore release Good 4 The Body, a five song EP, is what I refer to as ‘live-for-the-moment’ music. No need to compare the Baltimore native’s past work or listen for future promise, this five-song collection is meant to be enjoyed now.
The drums hit fast and heavy on the first track “Like Heaven”, which sets the bar high for the rest of the EP. “Through The Night” is straight-up rock and roll fun (the accompanying video confirms this) with tight drums, screaming guitars, and dirty bass and “Living In A Dream” closes the EP with a twist of bluesy/southern rock mixed in with their heavy rock sound.
Oh yes, and then there are the vocals… Brandon Hayden just kills with his vocals on this EP. He has an incredible voice for rock and roll and is the potential ‘X factor’ of Sin 4 Sin. His diverse range is heard on all tracks, especially on the fist pumper “Booby Trapped” and the slowed down “December”. Hayden hits the highs and lows with ease, and although I’m sure great production work assisted, there is a raw and crispness to his delivery that few frontmen possess.
Good 4 The Body flows seamlessly from one song to the next — but with only five songs you will want to put this one on repeat because once is fine, twice is nice, and three times or more is ‘good for the body’.

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Review: Sandness ‘Like An Addiction’


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Sandness are an Italian band that was created in 2008 to play ’80s glam influenced rock music. After two demo releases and positive stage buzz (including stints opening for L.A. Guns and Adam Bomb), the trio known as Sandness have released their first official album titled Like An Addiction. After one listen you realize that, although five years have passed since their formation, the focus is still the ’80s sound that this group craves.
Throughout Like An Addiction the guitars move fast and the ’80s cliche lyrics even faster. At their best, songs like “Darkness Around Me” and “Dreamin’ Is My Way” show potential for a unique twist (sleazy blues sound) to go along with their straight up ’80s approach. The flip side are tunes like “Bad Things Cause Bad Things” and “Don’t Drop”, both sounding more ‘dated eighties’ versus nostalgic.
For cowbell lovers, you will get your fix on both “Dreamin’ Is My Way” and “Lay Your Hair Down” — the latter track is my favorite on the album. This song brings together a grooving bluesy guitar, chainsaw cutting vocals, and a cool party-till-you-drop energy that reminds me of early Great White. For rock and roll lovers, you can’t go wrong adding “Dreamin’ Is My Way” and “Lay Your Hair Down” to your new ‘eighties sounding bands’ playlist.
Like An Addiction is an album for serious fans of the ’80s glam genre. No more, no less — I’m assuming exactly as Sandness envisioned.

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Review: ToxicRose


Swedish rockers ToxicRose released their first self-titled EP late last year. The five-song debut moves quickly, keeps a gritty consistence, and immediately kicks you in the face with a couple of stand-out songs.
ToxicRose haven’t been advertised as a super group, but in the world of sleaze rock they should be. With current and/or ex-members from Gemini Five, Lipstixx N’ Bulletz, and Sexydeath represented, this band attempts to harness a lot of styles into one sound. For the most part, ToxicRose has accomplished this feat.
The first song, “Song For The Weak”, is a great tune and the perfect way to kick off this EP. I ended up listening to these songs in reverse order so I really appreciated this song. The vocals are chilling, the guitars grooving, and the lyrics are dark — everything this band does well is on display in the opener. This song, along with the following “Set Me Free”, are, in my opinion, the strongest because they are the most basic. Big guitars, fast and dirty choruses, and an attitude that comes across as a whole, gives ToxicRose a distinguished sound on these two tracks.

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Review: Slam Bang’s ‘Everyday Is A Party’


If the BulletBoys, Metallica, and the Beastie Boys gave birth to a band, Illinois natives Slam Bang would be their love child.
I like it when bands put their best track first and Slam Bang have done just that on Everyday Is A Party. “Naked And Stoned” is everything this band does well — it is high on energy, heavy on guitars, and very tongue-and-cheek. “Everyday Is A Party” is about day drinking, drugs and women, but this is not the most literal track on the seven song album, that award goes to “Hit It” with the lyrics “I’m gonna hit it, I don’t even know her name, I’m gonna hit, I don’t even feel no shame.”
Throughout the first six tracks, Slam Bang sticks to their formula of black-out drunken stories, simple riffs, and Mahoney-from-Police Academy type humor. One surprise is the ballad “She’s Calling Out Your Name” which is suspiciously the last track. After six songs focused on sex, drugs, and more sex I’m still not sure what to do with this closing song.
For fans of hard rock party anthems, Everyday Is A Party is a record to download (seeing as it is a digital only release). Play it at the beach while drinking a can of Old Style, inside your bright orange Corvette, or when “hanging” in the basement with your bros. Seeing as this is the final release with frontman Jeff Swan, who moved to California, it will be interesting to see how Slam Bang move forward with a revamped line-up.

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Review of Barbe-Q-Barbies


Review of Barbe-Q-Barbies ‘Breaking All The Rules’

Niki Rock – vocals
Kaisa Karjalainen – guitar
Ekkis Laine – guitar
Minttu Muranen – bass
Niina Klemetti – drums

If you need to be reminded not to judge a book by its cover, well, here you go. The Barbe-Q-Barbies are not the ‘poppy’ Heart wannabes I pictured, instead they are a female group of rocking bad-asses from Finland. Breaking All The Rules, the band’s second full-length album, is music made for bars and pubs after a long day when you are done working — drinking to get wasted and looking for trouble.
The first track, “Crashing Down”, is an escalating song with a radio friendly “world is crashing down” hook. The following songs, “One More (And I’ll Be Gone)”, “Whole Lotta You”, and “Breaking All The Rules” are the bread and butter of this band. I don’t normally associate bluesy hard hat/lunch pail rock and roll with female rock bands, but in this case, I stand corrected. The Barbe-Q-Barbies grind their guitars and snarl the choruses, producing blue-collar rock anthems to be played loud while consuming copious amounts of alcohol.

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