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Video Spotlight: College Gangbang by Wilson


WILSON’S debut album ‘Full Blast Fuckery’ is available now and the band will be touring across the country in support of it. The video for “College Gangbang” was filmed at the legendary Metal Frat in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Lead singer, Chad Nicefield, had this to say about the video, “We have enlisted a hero of epic proportions to turn these party frowns upside down. A man so hell-bent on making sure your life’s inner soiree is celebrated that he is even willing to kill for you. A man built so well endowed that any female that steps foot into his presence will surely be brought to her knees in pure ecstasy. A TRUE hero of our times.”

Okay then…

Our hero wakes up and is looking good! Assuming looking good is an unkempt beard and evil smile. He puts on his super hero spandex suit and grabs his tambourine. (Feel free to take a minute and re-read that). Now he is ready to save the day. In his car, our super hero has a knack for finding hot girls, make-shift wet T-shirt contests and appears to “just know” where the party is. Inside the party the hero saves an “about to be molested” guy in drag and assists with many bongs. Somewhere between tambourine dances and the super hero busting through doors on couples making out – there is comedy. The situation escalates rather quickly and the hero finds himself surrounded about to get his ass kicked. He takes a couple blows to the face and then it happens…he uses his tambourine to beam down a gang of guys that use THEIR tambourines to blow up the trouble maker. The video ends with everyone covered in blood and having a good time. The super hero is led into a back room where five girls wait. He drops his pants; presumably tambourine man is going to get blown by all five girls. Lesson learned: If you ever have to go back to music class in elementary school – always choose the tambourine, eventually you will get blown by five girls…

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The Answer Band Photo

Today’s video spotlight settles in on Spectacular by The Answer. THE ANSWER are set to return in 2013 with a new studio album entitled ‘New Horizon’ on October 1st. Recently the band completed work on a video for the first single from ‘New Horizon’ titled “Spectacular.” The video will be released in both a XXX and a family-friendly clean version.  This is the XXX version.

The video starts with people waking from a party.  A girl wakes and is still wearing her sunglasses.  Waking up still wearing your sunglasses defines a great night or an awful night, no in-between.  The video flashes back to skateboarding and blond girls hanging out of convertibles.  Very G-rated at this point; however, the sunglasses were aviator style.  For the straight laced, this may be considered edgy.

Now everyone is at a party and there is a lot of making out and girls in bath tubs (fully clothed).  At 1:59 the video escalates with two girls begin making out, I guess this means we are no in PG-rated territory.  Eventually, there is topless lesbian action, a shower scene, and more video of random tits and ass.  Maybe inside a church this would be considered XXX, but I’m giving this an R-rating, which is really suggesting next time this band should include an orgy in their video…

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Top 10 Classic Rock Stripper Songs


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Eighties rock and roll, specifically, sleazy-glam rock was tailor made for strip clubs and dancers.  Featuring squealing guitars, heavy drums, and tales of debauchery, the music screamed “Take Your Clothes Off and Party.”  For those feeling nostalgic, searching for some good old fashion rock and roll, or just want to do a bump, rip off your clothes, and forget your name – here is your play list.

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All Hail: Kamikaze Kings


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The Kamikaze Kings continue to impress, when I say impress, I really mean shock and disgust. Depending on the type of person you are, they may also impress.

The Berlin, Germany based band has released a video for their new single “Fat Slut”, from their debut album, ‘The Law.’ Ready. Set. Go…

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