15 Secrets of Poker


Poker is no longer just “know when to hold them, know when to fold them.” The game of poker has evolved into an international competition where the stakes are the highest, your cash. The years of preying on amateurs have passed, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t tricks to being a better player. Whether you are a rookie player or seasoned veteran on a losing streak and needs to get back to the basics, here are 15 poker secrets the stars wish you would just ignore.

Some of these secrets or tips aren’t brain surgery; however, it’s how you use them. These techniques need to be followed on a consistent basis. Poker players who waver on how they play can expect to lose over time regardless of how well they are doing in the moment. These secrets aren’t for the once a year Vegas player, this is for the player that logs on nightly and is looking for an edge long term.

What didn’t make the list? How about “There Are No Secrets,” now that seems reasonable to not make a list of poker secrets, but there is some validity to it. Everything is right there, in the end the highest ranking hand is the winner. It’s how you get there and knowing the best way to play (secrets) that will make you a winner over time.

Time to deal so here we go… We’ve got when to throw in your cards, when to go with instinct, and the best times to go all in. Check your credit line and let’s get started, here are the 15 secrets poker stars really don’t want you to know.

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