Guys I Love: Drunk Elevator Guy

Welcome to Guys I Love, it’s pretty self-explanatory, it’s the opposite of Guys I hate. Got a guy you love? Drop me a comment – we probably love a lot of the same guys.


I keep late hours which means I’m also running errands (laundry, groceries, etc…) late at night. In the elevators I often come across drunk guy. He’s always talking nonsense, something how the pizza man never came or asking questions like “how many 9 year-old toddlers can you beat up?” Always breaking off mid-sentence, just senseless crazy talk – and I love it. Sometimes I have my dog and they always comment and I say “yeah, she’s a good dog” and they will retort with “no, that’s the BEST fucking dog!” Drunk elevator guy always wishes you a good night, never forgets. I love drunk elevator guy.


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