Guys I Love: NYC Crazy Guy That Reminds Me of Eddie Murphy

Welcome to Guys I Love, it’s pretty self-explanatory, it’s the opposite of Guys I hate. Got a guy you love? Drop me a comment – we probably love a lot of the same guys.


New York City is full of crazy guys, bat shit crazy guys! There is one guy though that I really love. In my 14 years living in the city I’ve seen him only six times or so, but he cracks me up each time. Never in the same neighborhood, this (presumably homeless) guy pulls a wagon that has a speaker hooked up to a microphone. Now, this is not one of those guys that spouts hatred or heckles everyone, no, this guy tells crazy ass jokes. I’m pretty certain their not even funny, but he laughs hard every time. “AND THEN SHE SAID SHUT THE DOOR! YOU KNOW WHAT I DID? SHUT THE DOOR!” Laughter, laughter, laughter. He’s usually dressed in a hoodie and black 80’s style sunglasses. He reminds me of Eddie Murphy in Trading Places. Dude is fucking hilarious! I actually sometimes find myself looking down side streets, hoping… Each time I hear a wagon I turn quickly, too often disappointed. What I like best is that he is always happy, he may be insane, but he’s enjoying himself. This guy cracks me up and I fucking love this guy.


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