15 Models Told They Are Too Fat


Body shaming isn’t just for us common folk. Even models are impacted, sometimes in much more humiliating ways. Here are 15 models that were deemed too fat to model.

Longevity in the modeling industry is tough enough; you typically have a set number of years where you can capitalize on your figure and looks. Models go up a size and their career is over, or worse yet, they are told they are too fat and are let go on the spot. Model Katie Willcox was a size 10 and got down to a size 6 in order to book jobs for catalogs. Unable to keep it up, she threw in the towel and started her own agency that focused on healthy models versus super skinny models. Even Heidi Klum was deemed “too big” to be a runway model. She was told she was too heavy and had too big a chest to do fashion shows. She admits that the clothes never really fit and decided being a Victoria’s Secret Angel and featured in Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue was enough for her. What about Lara Stone, a size 4? Yes, she has also been told she’s too fat. In one case, she was asked to wear a corset to make her look thinner because she had become too curvy.

We’ve got models that got fat, were told they were too big their whole career, and even their butts were deemed too fat for modeling. After all the eating disorders, dieting, and trying to hide their fat, it didn’t matter, they were all called too fat to model. Here are 15 models too “fat” to continue modeling.

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