15 Legendary Bands That Suck


Popular opinion is that a lot of popular bands suck. Now obviously this is opinion, after all, these are popular bands so someone is listening, buying and enjoying this music. Still, let’s face it; there are a lot of very overrated bands out there.

For example, Boston is a band that a lot of people feel are overrated. To me Boston is the Taco Bell of classic rock and you know what, I like Taco Bell, so they didn’t make this list. Another potentially overrated artist is Britney Spears. Unfortunately there are too many of her songs that unwillingly get stuck in my head making her not entirely overrated in my book.

Other dishonorable mentions include Pearl Jam, Nirvana and just about any eighties metal band, but the way I see it they have their place, maybe not for everyone, but certain groups of music lovers so they don’t make this list.

You might be thinking “Jeez, did this guy include anyone I think is overrated?” Don’t worry; we have plenty of terribly overrated bands. Trust me, I take this very seriously. What are my criteria? Well, I look at popularity, but also longevity as well as whether it was the music or “other noise” that made a band famous. Who just missed the cut? The Grateful Dead for one; I just don’t get that phenomenon, but they didn’t make the top fifteen. Don’t stress, their weird cousins did (looking at you Phish!).

Come join me and take a look at bands that made terrible music, were all about their look or fizzled too quick to be considered classic. Here are the 15 most overrated bands of all time

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One response to “15 Legendary Bands That Suck

  • M. Bitsko

    This is great! Somebody finally has the stones to tell it like it is!! However, you did forget a few of the very worst: namely, Kings of Leon, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and ANY rap group.

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