Guys I Hate: NYC Lane Blocking Guy

Welcome to Guys I Hate, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Got a guy you hate? Drop me a comment – we probably hate a lot of the same guys.


Now, I really hate this guy. In fact if I was Mayor of NYC (bad idea) this would be my first issue. More on that soon. Who is this guy? This is the guy during rush hour that drives into an intersection and doesn’t make it across, stuck in the middle, blocking traffic that has the green light. In my mind this is the NUMBER ONE issue of grid lock in my fair city. If you’ve ever been stuck at a light for multiple changes: Green. Red. Green. Red. and THAT FUCKING GUY IS STILL THERE you know what I mean. I always wish I had an aluminum bat and could go up and smash the vehicle because there is nothing worse than just sitting and waiting in traffic – minutes feel like hours. How to solve this? Easy. Fine these assholes $1,000, no $2,000 dollars for each occurrence. This will deter this behavior guaranteed! Or issue aluminum bats and allow for smashed windshields when this occurs. I’m okay with either option.


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