15 Worst Brides Of All Time


For the bride to be a wedding day is considered one of the most special days of their lives. Given the pressure, extra anxiety and stress is expected. It’s perfectly normal for brides to be nervous about timing and have little patience when things don’t go right, this is okay. However, there are some brides that simply lose it. This is about these brides, otherwise known as bridezillas.

Personally, I think I got lucky, getting married in Vegas, twice (same girl, long story). Now for others it’s more complicated. Some brides have unreasonable expectations for their special day. They believe that since it’s “their day” everyone should cater to them and that no matter how insane the request, it should be granted. She extends to the food, environment, the guests and yes, even the uncontrollable weather.

No one is safe from a bridezillas. If you are the wedding planner – watch out. If you are a member of the wedding party – definitely watch out; and if you are the groom, it’s best you just do what you are told. We’ve got family issues, money issues, color coordination and even weight concerns. Oh, and yes, we’ve got murder, because of course we do! Here are the 15 most terrifying bridezillas of all time…

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