Guys I Hate: Street Drum Guy / Guys I Love: Street Sax Guy

Today, a special treat, a crossover blog on Guys I Hate & Guys I Love. Have a guy you hate or guy you love? Leave a comment. We probably hate (and love) a lot of the same guys.


Nothing worse than the morning hustle. I’m tired, usually late and having to navigate crowded streets and subways. Every now and then something pleasant enters. It is not the guy banging on drums in the subway station. This guy sucks and should be forced to play in an echo chamber for 1 week straight. You are not making my morning enjoyable and definitely not making my hangover any better. Note that this does not apply to Steel Drum guy, this guy is awesome and makes me dream of the Bahamas…

The guy I love is street jazz guy, specifically saxophone guy. I feel like I’m in the first scene of an Oliver Stone movie. Love street sax guy. I hope he beats the shit out of street drum guy!


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