Halloween Dad Diaries: My Witch Doesn’t Look Like a Witch


Halloween has already kicked off for our family and last weekend we went upstate to gaze at jack o’ lanterns and hear spooky stories. The only way to see jack o’ lanterns of course is in the evening (when lit up) so we decided to find a local pub for a quick dinner beforehand. The pub (or tavern as they call them in these parts) was perfect for kids, really! Every table was full with families and the menu was kid-friendly (read: pizza). Even the table cloths, which were just big pieces of paper begging to be made into great pieces of kid art, were a nice touch.

Once the large container of crayons appeared it didn’t take long for my mom and child to dig into the drawings. Pumpkins, bats and lots of doodles quickly filled the table. I wanted to get in on this and noticed no one had drawn a witch so I decided that is what I would draw. There wasn’t a black crayon so I used red and outlined a pointed hat, loose fitting dress and a broomstick.  Well, that was easy, or so I thought – as I took a second to review my work I realized I had not drawn a witch as intended, but instead a KKK guy holding a pitchfork. This is definitely not what I was going for. My drawing became a scratched out doodle soon after…


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