Video Review: American Bride By TALIA


TALIA is a lively trio from Paris that have released three albums: Cockroach Killer (2008), Permanent Midlife Crises (2013) and their most recent, Thugs They Look Like Angels (2016) which features a video for the song “American Bride.”

The video begins with a bride on the floor, down for the count. Oh wait, she’s getting up, oh I see, this is one of those “we are showing you the final scene now let’s see what happens in reverse” type videos.

The bride is getting beat up, bad. Interesting story line and the bad acting is working for me. Meanwhile the band is playing on stage with a very liberal use of old-school special effects.

Back to the scene: The guy that was doing the beating is drinking (before he beats her, remember, reverse). Not saying that’s an excuse. Okay the guy just dragged the bride in and strapped her to a chair with barbed wire. Oh, he poisoned her (tip/note to self: easier to drag someone and strap them in barbed wire if poisoned). Now we see the opening seen where the bride-to-be cheats on the groom, hence the poisoning, barbed wire and beat down – totally understandable.

P.S. The beat down is not understandable only the poisoning and barbed wire.

P.P.S. Okay, the poisoning and barbed wire is also not acceptable.

P.P.P.S. You know what, just don’t get engaged.

Read the full review of Thugs They Look Like Angels at here.

Check out the video for “American Bride” here.




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