Guys I Hate: Overhand Bean Bag Toss Guy

Welcome to Guys I Hate, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Got a guy you hate? Drop me a comment – we probably hate a lot of the same guys.


You know the game, it seems to be at every bar or outdoor event these days. It’s known by many names: cornhole, bean bag toss, etc… My family calls it the toss game and I’m not going to get into the whole submarine, grinder, hoagie conversation over a game with wood and bean bags. Anyway, this game is popular with kids as well as aging frat guys. There is always that one guy that yells “toss game!” and then drunkenly runs over to the game. The official rules say you throw the bean bags underhanded, but there is always one jackass that throws them overhanded, rifling the bags across. Sometimes he goes full “Over The Top”, turning his baseball cap around before endangering everyone around him. You are not Nolan Ryan (or Ken Griffey Jr if hat is turned around), not even close. Even Ryan wouldn’t do that. You suck and really need to stop!

Note: I have no idea what the official rules are I just don’t like this guy.


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