15 Jobs To Take and Shove It!


Take this job and shove it!

At some point we all want to say this, but in some professions more warranted than others. The fact is there are a lot of jobs that are flat out not worth the money.

Before we get to the list, there are a couple of “dishonorable” mentions we should point out. First, Administrative Assistant – for a select few the pay is good and there is growth, but this is the exception; for most this is a high-stress position responding to the demands of others. Also, any type of restaurant server or waiter. Quick tips may sound nice, but that may be your primary source of income because employers typically pay minimum wage or worse. On top of the poor pay, you can expect non-stop complaints and looking for work often – 70% of restaurants close with their first year of opening.

Some of the jobs listed are highly sought, while others take years of education and learning. None of them are worth the pay in the end. I remember a time when going to medical or law school was no doubt the right move. Now, not so much, or at least you need to choose the field you practice very carefully. Okay, here we go, from government positions to Wall Street to even writers (can you believe it?)… Here are 15 jobs you should avoid because the pay simple doesn’t add up.

Read the full list at TheRichest.com


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