Guys I Hate: Airline Aisle Blocker Guy

Welcome to Guys I Hate, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Got a guy you hate? Drop me a comment – we probably hate a lot of the same guys.


For all the bitching that comes with flying, we are lucky to be able to get places as fast as we do. It’s still a pain in the ass due to delays, aircraft issues and weather. However, we can’t control these issues, which I guess is part of the frustration. What we can control are the entitled assholes who don’t respect our time. There are many of these guys, but specifically how about the guy who essentially stands in the aisle while everyone is trying to board? He’s awful. This guy is trying to fit a Mini Cooper into the overhead along with several loose bags of useless shit. Eventually, he gets it all to fit, but he still doesn’t move because he needs to neatly fold his already wrinkled H&M blazer. Meanwhile, 90 people are standing in the jet way due to this guy. I’m always behind this guy and want to take his jacket and stick it right up is ass! The definition of false entitlement. We need to stop this guy.


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