15 Comedies That Are NOT Funny


When a movie is labeled as a comedy, you expect to laugh, right? Whether it’s a gut-busting laugh that brings tears, a surprise chuckle or even a groan, it’s a reaction to something looking for that type of reaction. Unfortunately not all movies that try to achieve this succeed.

Unfunny movies fall into different categories; for example, Dude, Where’s My Car? is not even funny to stoners and that’s their audience – that’s bad acting. Don’t worry; we have more from Ashton Kutcher below. Then there the forced comedy such asGigli, a movie put out as a comedy with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez when there is very little funny about either one of them and definitely nothing laugh worthy when together. Finally, there’s the “I’m going to shock you into laughing” type comedies which rarely work. (Hello Tom Green and Freddy Got Fingered.) Someone got the finger in that one for sure; it was the customers who bought tickets! Oh, let’s not forget actors that believe putting on a fat suit equals laughs.

We’ve got big movie-stars, actors that at one point were funny and lots of Adam Sandler (no one has a better agent in Hollywood). Here are 15 movies that brought tears, not of happiness, but rather sadness that you had to sit through them.

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