15 Scary Facts About Flying


Anyone who has been on an airplane knows that feeling. What was that bump? Where is that rattling coming from? The pilot sounds exhausted … what if he falls asleep! The good news is we are all in this together. The bad news is you are not going to want to hear this. That bump was turbulence and it’s getting worse – that rattle may be the engine and actually, there is a good chance your pilot did just fall asleep.

Don’t freak out, but here’s what didn’t make our list. Did you know that lavatories unlock from the outside? (Hmm, may want to consider that “Mile High Club” experience.) The baggage handlers don’t care about your “fragile” sticker; in fact, it may make them throw your bag a little bit harder into the cargo pit. Also, if you believe flying with a major airline ensures you have a seasoned veteran in the cock pit, think again, because major airlines use subcontractors (meaning less experience, training and pay). Wait, that didn’t even make the list?

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