15 Greatest TV Nude Scenes Of All Time


Good television comes in the form of drama, comedy and reality. Good television also involves lots of nudity and sex! What was once taboo is now the norm, since even the major networks have gotten it on. Known not so long ago as a “freeze frame” moment, the nude scene is not easy to pull off with many failing, or at least coming up short. When done right though, nothing beats a close encounter between the sheets featuring close characters, chance encounters or mortal enemies.

Just missing the list is the show Gigolos, which takes place in Las Vegas and focused on male prostitution (nudity in each and every episode), as well as Boardwalk Empire which had a couple of “did that just happen?” nude scenes. Special nude comedy moment goes to Dexter for the “Pardon my T**s” episode; a completely unnecessary scene that was all about baring breasts on television for the hell of it. Finally, a dishonourable mention for the HBO show Girls, a show that has a lot of nudity, but none of it necessary.

We’ve got men, women, drama and even a little comedy (okay, lots of comedy). If nudity on TV isn’t fun (and funny), then what’s the point? It wasn’t long ago that a backside on the small screen was a big deal, but now, we have come a long way! Here are the best (and steamiest nude scenes) from television shows:

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