The Devil Wears Black Leather: Chapter 14

David S. Grant is posting his latest fiction “The Devil Wears Black Leather” while he works on his latest book, the fourth and final installment that follows: Bliss | Bleach | Blackout. The working title is of course, Bleak. Why is he doing this? Because he loves you! (Note: Also, may be drunk, hence the third person intro.) For more information (or purchase/download) David’s books check out his Goodreads (Bleach 4.6 out of 5 rating; Bleach | Blackout 4.8 rating) or Amazon page.


“In all the years on the force, I’ve never seen anything quite like this”, said Detective Oliver.  He kept making this same statement three times as he stands in the middle of a room inside the Budget 7 hotel.  The detective has out a notebook and he is staring at the body that looks as though it was sliced a thousand times and flung onto the bed.  He writes down DEVIL WORSHIP, PITCH FORK? And then looks again, closer at the body before stepping back and taking a full look at the room.  Each wall as well as the ceiling is covered with the victim’s blood.  It’s as if the victim was dragged across each wall AND the ceiling, bleeding to death in the process.  The detective opens up his notebook and writes NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET – JOHNNY DEPP SCENE!  He circles the name Johnny Depp, then writes PART I as a reminder and then puts on a plastic glove and approaches the body.  He slowly turns him over on his side.  There is a machete stuck inside the ribs, half the rib cage is hanging out the hole in his chest.  The mouth area appears as if it was gagged and there are pieces of duct tape on the corners of the mouth.

The Detective picks inside his ear and then looks at his finger, then wipes his pants.  He looks outside the window and says “Looks like it’s going to be another hot day in the desert.”  He says this to no one in particular.

He calls over a uniformed police officer who is standing at the door.  “Anyone hear anything?”  He asks.  The cops shrugs his shoulders and looks down at a tablet, then says, room 110 heard a guitar playing, they think it was the song “Blue Suede Shoes”, then adds, “They aren’t so sure about the song, but are sure about the guitar.”  Detective Oliver sighs, “Just like all of the others.”

Oliver moves into the bathroom where there isn’t any blood, only the charred remains of a jumpsuit in the bathtub.  A Medical Examiner tells the Detective it appears that the suit was bleached prior to burning it into ash.  Detective Oliver nods and says, “Of course”, looking back on the bed, “Just like all of the others.”


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