The Devil Wears Black Leather: Chapter 9

David S. Grant is posting his latest fiction “The Devil Wears Black Leather” while he works on his latest book, the fourth and final installment that follows: Bliss | Bleach | Blackout. The working title is of course, Bleak. Why is he doing this? Because he loves you! (Note: Also, may be drunk, hence the third person intro.) For more information (or purchase/download) David’s books check out his Goodreads (Bleach 4.6 rating; Bleach | Blackout 4.8 rating) or Amazon page.


You have to drive far West on Sahara drive to find Ed’s Costume shop, but it’s worth the lost time.  With the strip no longer in sight Elvis enters the shop and Ed immediately drops what he is doing and greets him at the door.  “I just got something in”, he says.  “I thought you might” says Eddie, giving him a gun-point gesture.  Ed goes into the back and comes back with a large black garbage bag that he sets on the counter and carefully pulls out the contents.  “Is that what I think it is?” asks Elvis.  Ed lays the jacket on top and pants below.  “Yes, this is an exact replica from the 1968 comeback special”, Ed stands tall proud of his find, almost bouncing in anticipation of the sale.  Elvis grabs hold of the black leather pants and then grabs the black leather jacket, placing in over his shoulders and then walking to the far corner where there is a small mirror.  Elvis moves side to side and then smiles.  Elvis asks how much and is told one thousand dollars.  Elvis points to some old school Elvis aviator glasses on a rack next to the register. There is a sign that reads $5 each.  “Throw in a pair of those glasses and you’ve got a deal!”

Next stop is Ace Hardware; Elvis picks up fishing line, duct tape, and a car battery.  “Do you carry Bibles?”  He asks the cashier who slowly nods his head side-to-side then points across the street to a Christian book store.  Elvis leaves his car at the hardware store and walks across the street.  Inside the bookstore Elvis browses the Old Testament section and then purchases a Bible with a picture of Jesus floating in clouds on the cover.  He returns to his car, opens his glove box and grabs a cigar.  Eddie spends the next twenty minutes in his parked car smoking his cigar and reading the book of Job.

Inside the first floor of St. Michael’s Home for the Elderly Eddie sees a man selling crosses so he buys one and then takes the elevator up to the third floor.  Knowing the way by heart, Elvis takes a right off the elevator, and then a left.  Two doors down is room 315, he enters.  The bed has been pushed toward the window; a woman is sitting in her bed looking out at a blimp circling the city.  “Momma, it’s me” says Eddie.  He is holding a small bag which he opens and pulls out a Home and Garden magazine.  As he pulls out the magazine a bright pink note card with naked women and big words that say GIRLS AT YOUR DOOR IN 30 MINUTES.  “What is that?”  She asks.  “Nothing momma, just work”, Elvis hands her the magazine and picks up the card, quickly putting it back into his bag.

Eddie is staring at the bottles next to his mother.  He grabs one of the bottles, turning it to read the name.  She looks at Eddie and asks, “Are you taking your medication?”  Eddie smiles and puts his hand on his mother’s arm.  “Its okay momma, I’m doing God’s work now.”  Eddie hands her the cross, kisses her on the forehead, and leaves.


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