The Devil Wears Black Leather: Chapter 4

David S. Grant is posting his latest fiction “The Devil Wears Black Leather” while he works on his latest book, the fourth and final installment that follows: Bliss | Bleach | Blackout. The working title is of course, Bleak. Why is he doing this? Because he loves you! (Note: Also, may be drunk, hence the third person intro.) For more information (or purchase/download) David’s books check out his Goodreads (Bleach 4.6 rating; Bleach | Blackout 4.8 rating) or Amazon page.


Eddie is holding a can of RC Cola that he lifts and takes a drink from.  He is staring at Patricia, who is duct taped to a chair inside room 211 at Mr. Lucky’s Motel, far from the Vegas strip.  Eddie is dressed in a black and gold blazer and white pants; his cape and aviators are also on.  He places the can on his forehead, wiping fresh beads of sweat away.  “How about this heat?”  He asks rhetorically.

Eddie met Patricia two hours ago after a gig at Planet Hollywood.  She was coming out of the bathroom when she invited “Elvis” to do a line with her.  Eddie declined and instead took her out to the parking lot.  Her high intensified when she saw the large bag of what she thought was cocaine in the back of Eddie’s Cadillac.  She didn’t even notice the Home Depot bag that contained eight rolls of duct tape and a small knife.  When Eddie offered to take her to a hotel and get her high Patricia’s replay was simply, “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas, right?”

Now Patricia was begging for her life.  Eddie sat down in a chair, in front of Patricia who could only mumble through the adhesive that was beginning to separate from the tape.  With tears beginning to form, Patricia kept looking over at the bed where the bag of white powder and a small knife laid.  Eddie removed the duct tape from her mouth, allowing her lungs to fill with oxygen before again taping her mouth shut.  Patricia let out a scream, but again, this was the North side of Vegas.  Screams were not heard, just evaporated into the desert.  Circling her head, applying the tape around her mouth, cutting off all air to her mouth, Eddie began saying that Elvis didn’t like drugs, paused, and then continued telling Patricia that Elvis wasn’t fond of cocaine, calling it the devil’s dandruff.

With Patricia’s mouth fully covered Eddie opened the bag of white powder and started sticking it into her nose, pushing harder and harder until it was fully plugged.  Eddie pushed up, ensuring he in up to his second knuckle in each nostril, almost touching her brain. Adjusting his cape, Eddie then grabbed the knife from the bed and cut the center of Patricia’s nose, removing the septum causing blood to flow down her face.  Eddie continued to push more of the white powder into Patricia’s nose, her heart was pounding.  Was it from the cocaine or because she was choking?  Eddie decided it was a moot point and continued to push the powder into her nose until she stopped choking.  She continued to scream and attempt to communicate through the duct tape.  Her last words sounded like “Tell my husband I love him!”  Hands covered in blood, Eddie continued to push cocaine into her bleeding nose only saying, “Sorry darling, but what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”


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