Top 10 Skin Flicks Of All Time


Ranking the very best adult movies is a very subjective topic, but someone has to do it. We need to consider the story line, whether there is anything unique or groundbreaking and of course, the intercourse.

Let’s take a moment to discuss the honorable mentions: first there’s Insatiable, a very “sexy” movie that stars Marilyn Chambers. Is the fact that the actress is named Marilyn Chambers enough? Probably, but the sex scenes are also worth the time. Raw Talent is about the “industry,” telling a story of an actor trying to become an adult movie star. For fans of breaking down the fourth wall, it’s an enjoyable evening. Shock, the sequel to Latex just misses, but SPOILER ALERT: “Latex makes the list.” Finally we have Buttman’s European Vacation, now, the whole Buttman series is well known, but this particular one holds a special place in my heart…hence the honorable mention.

To make the top 10 you need a plot, or at least some type of plot. Strong “acting” also helps. Of course, if you are Debbie and are in Dallas, well, you made the list. We have some of the classics, the strange and of course, the adult movie stars. Here are the 10 greatest “skin flicks” you need to see…again:

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