10 Reasons Trump Can’t Win


The current state of the Republican Party is absolute chaos. This disruption is due to the current delegate leader for the 2016 Republican President nominee, Donald Trump. Trump is leading and, if you listen to him, will be nominated, but that is far from decided, especially given that the support from his own party is iffy at best. Let’s look at 10 reasons Donald Trump will not get the Republican Nomination.

Trump’s run for president is focused on utilizing social media and “shooting from the hip.” The former has been genius, and the latter has gotten him into some trouble. No one has leveraged the media more than Trump, but that comes with a cost when he says something controversial, conflicting with a previous statement or just plain stupid. Often he deflects the negative energy with “I was just quoting someone else” or “I was misquoted,” but eventually something has to give, right? Maybe not! Trump is an expert debater and knows how to tweak a subject just enough to get off topic, but not too far.

Just missing our list is the number of bankruptcies he’s suffered and how that should impact his election. A problem with this argument, on either side, is that it’s subjective. You can make the case Trump is a failure at business, but then he can show his bank balance and show you that in fact he’s a very smart business man. Of course, as with most things subjective, the truth is probably somewhere in between.

Let’s get to the list, where we discuss Trump’s big mouth, his hats and of course, his hands. Here are 10 reasons Donald Trump Isn’t Getting the Republican Nomination.

Read the full list at TheRichest.com


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