Top 10 Controversial Movie Nude Scenes


When viewing a movie, most of the time you know what to expect. I mean, you most likely picked the movie, right? Sometimes though, you may be surprised, and other times you might be shocked. This is a list that falls under the latter – the most shocking, controversial and downright scandalous sex movies of all time.

This group of movies runs the gamut from violence to group sex to fetish play. What they all have in common is they show lots of skin and contain plenty of sex.

Just missing the cut was Shame, Steve McQueen’s movie about a sex addict who needs “adult entertainment” to live. Needless to say there are a lot of scenes of him pleasuring himself in this one. The title for Nymphomaniac really says it all; a two volume film that really puts the “explicit” in explicit sex, this movie used adult movie stars as well as some unconventional sex. Not enough? How about fellatio on a pedophile? Yeah, I’m not sure how this one doesn’t make the list. Prior to Fifty Shades of Grey, Secretary was an indie movie that followed the life of a legal secretary (Maggie Gyllenhaal) and her entry into the world of S&M with her lawyer boss (James Spader). Caligula was a movie with so much hardcore sex, the director removed his name from the movie. Now that’s hardcore!

This list has popular movies, little known indie films, and everything in between. The constant is sex and skin, and in one gross case, an open wound. Here are ten of the most controversial skin flicks of all time.

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