10 Richest Adult Movie Stars Of All Time


Everyone has a dream, right? For some it’s to be a movie star, maybe a rock star for others. What about an adult entertainment star? It’s no longer as taboo as it once was, and for some, can become a lucrative business.

You would think in a $15 billion industry, the talent would be making it hand over fist, but only a few get rich shooting adult movies. I know – dreams shattered, right? Regardless, some have found a way through representation and picking the right studios. Also, for most, longevity seems to matter. You’re not going to get rich off one movie (sorry Tommy Lee).

There aren’t a lot of rules in order to make this list except you need to be rich and also an actual adult movie star (sorry Kim Kardashian and Tommy Lee). A couple of just misses include Jayden James and Evan Seinfeld, who typically goes by the screen name Syder Jonez. Seinfeld is a big dude with intimidating tattoos all over his body. (Yes, he gets a lot of “blue collar” and prison guard roles.)

We’ve got men, women, hall of famers and a few household names on this list. Yes, Ron Jeremy is here. On principal alone I could never leave any adult movie star nicknamed “Hedgehog” off this list. Here are your 10 richest adult, or as they used to say in the sixties, “blue movie” entertainers:

Read the full list at TheRichest.com


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