Super Bowl 50: Final Thoughts


It’s almost game time, here are some of my final thoughts heading into Super Bowl 50…

  • I can’t wait to watch Cam Newton
  • I worry that Cam Newton’s overall dominance (in terms of years) will be shortened because he plays for Carolina
  • Always order the extra wings
  • Always Buffalo flavored
  • Always take the over, on wings
  • What happens if Peyton Manning gets his neck snapped to the point it hangs off to the side? Will their be a delay?
  • Hoping Lady Gaga doesn’t try to “jazz up” the National Anthem too much
  • Hoping Coldplay doesn’t show
  • If they do show up (probably happen) hoping Beyonce blows them off the stage
  • I don’t know why I don’t like them so much, really need to talk to someone about this
  • Interested to see just how dominating the Denver defense is
  • Doritos still best overall Super Bowl snack?
  • Second to beer, of course
  • …except Bud Light, that sucks

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