10 Greatest NFL Playoff Meltdowns Of All-Time


The NFL playoff final stage is set with the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers advancing to Super Bowl 50. Along the way several great franchises fell short including New England, Pittsburgh and Green Bay. Each had a chance and then had their moments crushed. How bad were these defeats? Were they among the worst? Here are the 10 worst NFL playoff meltdowns of all time.

To define the worst we have look at a few points. First, the game had to be meaningful. If a team was “just happy to be there” then a close game at the end isn’t necessarily crushing. What if a team has a wonderful season only to flame out when it matters? What if your team is leading the whole game until the final minutes and loses, resulting in a true “gut punch” game? Yes, it matters and definitely factors into this list.

Honorable mention goes to the 1940 Redskins. They are not from the modern age of football, but still worth noting due the way they lost. In the NFC championship game they went up against the Chicago Bears, a team they defeated 7-3 just three weeks prior. They lost 73-0!

A lot of teams are here including the Dolphins, Giants, Packers and even the Patriots. Who isn’t included? The Browns, because they have suffered enough. Here are your top 10 worst playoff meltdowns of all time:

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