10 Reasons The Guns N’ Roses Reunion Won’t Happen


The world’s most dangerous rock band is getting back together. At this point they are confirmed for three shows (two in Las Vegas and Coachella Music Festival) with a larger tour looming. The band is said to be looking at 25 stadiums with a payout of $3 million per, about 3 times the going rate for big acts. If Guns N’ Roses truly puts together a reunion tour and does it right, they could tour for three years to large sell-out crowds, easily. The problem with this is how difficult it is for this band to do anything the right way.

The most obvious reason the reunion won’t happen is because it just won’t be the same. These dudes are old and reproducing the magic of the late eighties isn’t an option. Best case they should focus on long epic shows with lots of ballads. Essentially, study REO Speedwagon – they figured this out years ago. Another factor that didn’t make the list is based on which guitarist goes on tour. Whether it’s both Izzy Stradlin and Gilby Clarke, neither or just one of them, most likely they won’t be the story. For the music, having both would be wise, but wisdom and logic may not be priorities here.

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