Classic Rock Stars With The Highest Energy


When thinking about rock stars, you may picture someone that spends their life hanging with groupies before a show, playing a one-hour set on stage and then it’s time for post-show groupie time. For some, this may be accurate, but there are a number of “classic” rock stars that continue to work their asses off, and I’m not referring to the groupie scene here. In some cases, these rock stars are old enough to collect social security, yet they still make music, go on tour, write books, host radio shows and much, much more. Here are 10 rock stars well past their prime that still work harder than you.

Unfortunately, Motorhead frontman Lemmy just missed the list, recently passing at the age of 70. Despite his ongoing illnesses and age, Lemmy and his band Motorhead were still putting out music right up until his cancer diagnosis, just days before he died. Other honorable mentions include Paul McCartney, a legend that seems to be available anytime there’s an on-screen collaboration, Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day) who found time to release three albums and perform in a Broadway musical based on his music, and finally, Sebastian Bach who continues to make music as a solo artist as well as being an available voice for whatever super group of the week is touring.

We’ve got ex-addicts done straight, rockers that continue to defy celebrity death pools, lots of hair, and of course, Dave Grohl (because he is everywhere). Here are 10 classic rock stars that still work harder than you:

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