Christmas Recap: By the Numbers


This year my family and I enjoyed the holidays more than you did. Prove it? Sure, here you go…

Number of Santa visits (must get picture, fake street/Santa-con Santas do not count): 9

Number of Christmas trees (Real): 4

Number of Christmas trees (Fake): 2

Number of Bedrooms in Apartment: 1

Number of National Lampoon Christmas Vacation Viewings: 4

Number of Santa Clause movies watched: 0 (note: Tim Allen sucks)

Number of times the Hallmark Channel was on TV and I asked, “Is that one Santa?”: 7

Number of times heard “It’s so warm for this time of the year”: 5382 (note: estimated)

Number of bad tasting sugar cookies consumed: 17

Number of good tasting sugar cookies consumed: 0

Number of beers consumed (Daddy only): 1243 (note: confirmed)

Okay, maybe this doesn’t prove anything, what was this for anyway other than ranting about Tim Allen and seeing I may have a drinking problem?



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