10 Tips and Tricks To Get You Through College


For many, their college years are the greatest time of their life, or at least that’s how they look back at their time. However, many don’t feel this way when they are actually attending college.

After 12 years of predictable school, you are thrown into a major change. College often means a new city and all new people. You are now living on your own, possibly in a dorm or with several roommates. There are parties and the social anxiety that goes along with fitting in. Oh, and there is the actual school which consists of exams and pressure to succeed. One more thing – how are you paying for this?!

We have 10 great strategies for how to cope with it all, and also one honorable mention: exploring your new city or hood. Hey, it’s a new place so why not embrace it and make it an adventure? It’s not like you know anyone anyway, so go out and see what your new city has to offer. Most colleges are surrounded by parks, lots of food options and, of course, bars. Make a day of it, or hell, make a week of it.

This list includes classic ways to cope such as alcohol and girls, but is also about available options. Failing at college is not the end of the world, but let’s try and see if we can get you through this. Here are 10 tricks to help you get through your college years.

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