The Devil Wears Black Leather

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Allow me to present, The Devil Wears Black Leather, an intertwining Grindhouse genre novella of a struggling New York writer and a Las Vegas Elvis impersonator, who is also a serial killer.

In New York, the narrator is a writer making ends meet by taking side jobs that include writing the “porn cards” for Las Vegas escort services.  You can find his work littered up and down the strip of Las Vegas.  His friends?  Jagger is a bisexual art dealer who spends most his time at strip clubs and the racetrack.  Izzy is very pale and believes he is turning into a vampire and is often found at a club in TriBeCa named BITE.   Discussions and thoughts around fame versus success consume their lives and often discussions (except when consuming handfuls of Ambien or shooting insulin).

In Las Vegas, Elvis Eddie is working the impersonator circuit: bachelorette parties, off-strip Elvis-O-Rama appearances, as well as numerous tribute shows.   What sets this Elvis apart from the others is not his refusal to meet Nic Cage, but rather his unique (wine corkscrew, saran wrap, etc…) murders on those he finds morally wrong.

Back in NY, our narrator meets a girl who may or may not be the devil, named Lucy.  Immediately his life starts looking up with invitations to the right parties, publisher interest, and money.  Our narrator eventually takes a meeting in Vegas where he meets Elvis Eddie and becomes at odds with the serial killer.  The story climaxes in a showdown with Elvis and a possible deal with the devil.

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