Strangest Craigslist Classifieds Of All Time


Since it started, Craigslist has been more than just classified site for jobs, housing, items and services. It has been a market to sell and seek out unique needs and services that you wouldn’t normally find. This is the 10 weirdest services offered on Craigslist.Honorable mentions go to someone looking for a tester for his “ass kicking” machine. Yes, it’s a wheel with boots on it and it spins. Pretty much what you would expect, I guess. No word on what that quality assurance position pays. The other one that caught my attention, but misses the list is a post looking for a babysitter for druggies. A couple of people are planning to do a lot of drugs and want someone to look out for them, or I guess call 911 in the case of an overdose. That almost makes sense.

Check out all the craziness for yourself at


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