The 10 Types of Guy You Find In a Strip Club


Gentlemen clubs are not difficult to find, pretty much every city has one or several glowing under the neon “Girls, Girls, Girls” or “Nude Review” lights. I believe the lights help attract guys, but it’s the girls that bring the customers inside. This is where you find a diverse group that ranges from wealthy to poor, single to married and fun to dangerous. This list looks at the 10 types of guys you find in a strip club.

Inside there are many dynamics to consider, all meshing differently with a guy’s personality. There’s the stage, private or “lap” dances and then VIP or “champagne” rooms. Personalities react differently to these scenarios as well as the music, DJ (nothing better than a good strip club DJ) and of course the drinking and guy camaraderie that occurs in these clubs. Oh, and don’t forget about security. If you are not a fan of a bouncer keeping a watchful eye and the occasional “no touching” reminder, you are not welcome at the nudie bar.

Honorable mention goes to “Party Bro” who just missed the list. He’s the guy that drinks lots of Bud Light Lime beer (typically by the bucket) and is really loud. He is either bellowing something disrespectful or spending his rent money. How do you know he’s spending his rent money? Because he’s “Party Bro” and everyone knows his move because it’s being yelled out.

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