Where To Make Money Playing Fantasy Football 2015


Did you know you can make millions of dollars playing fantasy football? It’s true and the sign-up is just a fraction of that. Of course, you have to win. Let’s take a look at which sites offer the best chance to make millions (or billions) and are first-time sign-up friendly…


Do you crave flexibility? If so check out Draftday.com where you can play for just one day. The fees vary, but you can play for free up to $530. No deposit bonuses are offered for first time players from what I can see.


Cash leagues start at just $1 and there is a money back guarantee. That doesn’t mean you get your money back if you lose! It does however give some first-time players peace of mind. What’s really great is the fact that FanDuel.com will pay out 2 billion dollars over the course of the season. That wasn’t a typo, 2 billion.


Free entry to cash games is enough to get into the action today! Also they will double your initial deposit – very enticing for first-time players looking to maximize their dough. DraftKings.com will pay out 1 billion dollars this season. You are probably still wondering if Word is autocorrecting million to billion, no, it’s a legit 1 billion dollars.


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