Album Review: The Como Brothers Create a Spark with Imagination


The Como Brothers Band are a singer/songwriter duo with a new EP titled Imagination. Produced by Graham Marsh (Bruno Mars, CeeLo Green) the album mixes blues and rock with a steady pop sound.


The album starts with “Good Enough For Me”, a crisp pop song that fits in with today’s heavy Ed Sheeran vibe that plays well on the radio. Personally, I enjoy the lyrics “Taking in the sunset before it crashes to the ground”, obviously I can appreciate beauty mixed with destruction. “Tell You I’m Fine” is poetic, makes me feel like someone is walking next to me telling me a story they are really excited to share. “Chemicals” is more of the same pop that The Como Brothers Band do so very well, just slower and stripped down.

The Como Brothers keep it simple, which can be challenging. The good news is they clearly succeed in delivering good rock mixed with pop and blues on Imagination.

“Make My Heart Move” is their love song (I think) that’s a mellow Tom Petty type diddy. You know, when Petty is three joints in…that mellow. The EP closes with a special bonus treat, “Bold As Love”, a really bluesy number that was so catchy I immediately had to give it another listen.


The Como Brothers Band

Imagination, August 2015


  1. Good Enough For Me
  2. Tell You I’m Fine
  3. Chemicals
  4. Make My Heart Move
  5. Imagination
  6. Bold As Love


The Como Brothers Band


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