2015 Top Fantasy Football Running Backs


Running Back is often the top scoring option in fantasy football, leading to many taken in the first round. Here are five to consider and two you should not consider.

  1. Marshawn Lynch: I know, there are stability issues, but I have much more confidence in the running game of Lynch than the passing game of Russell Wilson. Worthy of a number one pick!
  2. Eddie Lacy: The Packers will score points with zero running backs, but if they expect to go deep into the playoffs they know they will need an established running back. Lucky for them they have a work horse who is really entering his prime this season. Worthy of top 5 pick!
  3. LeSean McCoy: Rex Ryan didn’t overspend to not overuse McCoy. If he can stay healthy, he will have plenty of carries and opportunities.
  4. Le’Veon Bell: Seems to be everyone’s favorite pick this year, sure, why not…
  5. DeMarco Murray: I would spend a top 10 pick, but not top 3. Too many question marks with Philadelphia to really know how he will be used, plus durability concerns.

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Stay away from…

Adrien Peterson: Peterson now comes with baggage and a lot of time off. I’m baffled as to how many people believe he is going to return to pre-suspension form. I would select him in the 3rd round, maybe the 2nd round tops.

Matt Forte: He’s still playing with the Bears, right?


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