Betting 101: Football Teaser Bets


Most betters are familiar with parlays, but are somewhat unsure about teaser bets – it’s a lot of numbers! Essentially, a teaser is a parlay (all teams have to win), but you get to control the point spread. You don’t say? Tell me more…

The plus, or “tease” is that the bettor is allowed to move the point spread either direction for a game. Say what? That’s right, you can adjust the line, of course the value decreases with each point adjusted. Yes, there’s always a catch. Oh, and it’s important to note again that all of your teams have to cover your adjusted points.

Here’s an example of how this works. If the Packers are favored by 7 points over the Bears, teaser bettors have the option of moving the line 6, 6.5, 7 or sometimes 10 points. So you could make the Packers a 1 point or 13 point favorite using a 6-point teaser. Of course giving or taking additional points decreases your odds and the number of points used will continue to decrease your odds and payout. For example, if a 3 team parlay bet pays 6-1 (typical), a 3 team, 6-point teaser bet will only pay 9-5.

6-point Teasers:
Two teams = 10/11
Three teams = 9/5
Four teams = 3/1
Five teams = 9/2
Six teams = 6/1

6.5-point Teasers:
Two teams = 10/12
Three teams = 8/5
Four teams = 5/2
Five teams = 4/1
Six teams = 11/2

7-point Teasers:
Two teams = 10/13
Three teams = 7/5
Four teams = 2/1
Five teams = 7/2
Six teams = 5/1

For 10-point teasers check your sportsbook. Some will offer 3 team teasers with 10/13 odds (pay $13 to win $10).

Is it a good bet? Really comes down to your research and if you believe those extra points of insurance are worth the decreased value of the bet. Regardless of the outcome, teasing multiple teams is fun and can be a rush, so at least there’s that.


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