Where to Bet on Fantasy Football


Did you know you can combine two of our favorite past times: betting football and playing fantasy football? It’s true, here are the best places to start today!


They have been open for business since 2009, but the past two years have exploded onto the scene via mass marketing and great promotions. You can either join competitions or create your own league that pays out with “buy in” rates from $1 to $200 or more… FanDuel.com is based in New York City and are known for great customer service and prompt payments.

What I really like: Over 10 million dollars in prizes paid out each week.

Check out DraftKings.com 2015 1M Football Play Today (click here to join).


They do NFL as well as other fantasy games every day of the week. The website is easy to navigate and you can view what’s happening without logging in. Deposits can be processed via debit cards and credit cards and even Paypal. Payments are received back to where you deposited from in a timely manner. In addition to the daily and weekly events they also have special promo events and tournaments with first place prize money in excess of 100K. That’s good value (assuming you are good enough to win).

What I really like: Deposit now and double your cash.


Draft Day hosts salary cap events that give you either more or less money to work with than the other sites. So if you are short on time or have a lot of time you can find the game that works best for you and your budget. They also have large jackpots and multi-person tournaments that can bring in prizes over 150K (Do I even have to say it? That’s good value).

What I really like: Cash prizes awarded same day.

Check out DraftKings.com 2015 1M Football Play Today (click here to join).


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