Most Insane Last Meal Requests From Death Row


The last meal for those about to be executed is a custom that started pre-modern Europe. The belief was that if the prisoner is given a final meal, he will be at peace and not come back to haunt as a ghost. This is a list of the strangest last meal requests.

Some of these requests range from pure gluttony to very specific meals and a few are downright chilling. Each state has rules that dictate what can be ordered. For example, some have to order off the prison menu (boo!) while others get to choose from local restaurants. There is typically a capped dollar amount as well. No surprise that comfort foods and sweets are often high on the list of requests.

Personally, I go back and forth on this one. On one hand I could see a nice seven-course meal being nice, but then again why not McDonald’s? I mean, I really like McDonald’s and it’s not like it really matters what I put in my body at that point. Again, I continue to go back and forth on this one.

One particular request just missed the list. In 2012, Gary “The Butcher” Carl Simmons took the gluttony route and ordered the following: Pizza Hut Super Supreme Deep Dish with everything, ten packs of Parmesan cheese, ten packs of ranch dressing, Doritos, nacho cheese, jalapenos, two shakes (strawberry flavored), a couple of Cokes, French fries (McDonald’s of course) and (yes, and) two containers of ice cream (strawberry). He actually ate half of it which means he ate five packs of Parmesan cheese and five packs of ranch dressing. What a way to go…

Here we go, we’ve got the last meal requests of the worst criminals. Makes you think… Yeah, I still can’t decide. Here are your top 20 craziest last meal requests from death row.

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