MAILBAG: What’s Worse, Broken Taco or Broken Condom?


The day after filing for bankruptcy 50 Cent was in a strip club making it rain. Shouldn’t his creditors be entitled to all those bills?

I think “50” would have to be responsible for getting back the money, at least I hope so. No worse job than “Bob from Credit Collection X” having to go to The Rear End and request a refund of his customer’s moist singles. Especially if the strippers are still there, strippers in the morning daylight are typically going through withdrawal and are not nearly as hot as you remember.

I just built a manual air conditioner using a bucket, ice and fan. Did I just beat the system?

Is your name MacGyver? I looked these up and I believe some refer to these as redneck air conditioners. They appear to be effective in small spaces, but also look like a lot of work to put together. BTW my definition of “lot of work” is anything that requires cutting PVC pipe or duct tape and this has both. However, if I did build one I would want to dress it up with a sticker or bumper sticker. Thinking Whitesnake sticker (or patch attached with duct tape) is a good a choice here…

ESPN seems to be sacking everyone with experience (i.e. making a lot of money), who’s next?

Apparently Chris Berman is high on the wish list of many. Supposedly he is a real dick. This is not surprising. I am definitely pro-firing Chris Berman, but I might not be the right guy to ask because I haven’t watched him for years. I guess preferring to listen to Jimmy Johnson (who is awful) over Berman tells you how boring his shtick has become.

Will the L.A. Clippers be the first NBA basketball reality show?

With Josh Smith joining the party it should be. So much promise for high comedy and internal strife…so much it could prove too much for Doc Rivers. How long before Smith approaches Rivers and asks “So how long you going to keep playing your son over me?” Let’s hope that’s episode 1, with episode 2 a remake of the DeAndre Jordan story followed by a special third episode where Paul Pierce gets stabbed (again), but this time by an unsuspected teammate (spoiler alert: it’s J.J. Redick).

Is Bill Cosby Going to die soon?

I think the precedent is Joe Paterno who I believe just couldn’t live with what had happened. After the Sandusky cover up came to light he only lasted a few months. Cosby seems to be more relentless and “okay” with his actions up to this point. He’ll probably live to be 120! Just kidding, I give him 3 months.

What’s worse, broken taco shell or broken condom?

Well, a broken condom could mean disease, unwanted pregnancy or even death. Wait, are we talking about a shell that shatters into more than five pieces? That is way worse, broken taco shell by a mile!


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