Is AMC contributing to my insomnia? New Mailbag here!


Check out the full mailbag at OWR, read an excerpt below:

How many hotdogs can you eat? I think I can eat 20; of course I’m really hungry right now.

I have never actually tried to find out, but sometimes over the course of grilling and eating I’ve eaten a large number of dogs. The thing for me is that I will eat them off the grill without a bun. That’s cheating! I think if hungry I could probably do seven dogs with bun. However, I wouldn’t just go “water” for my bun I would use ketchup and lots of it. Once finished I would expect to have so much ketchup on my face I could be mistaken for the Joker. Seriously though, I think anything over ten would be difficult and if you can do that then you should consider adding “eating competition” to your resume.

If a batter gets drilled and then pulls a baseball out of his back pocket and drills the pitcher back what happens?

You mean other than Sportscenter running the clip a thousand times the next day? I’m thinking it has to be equal suspensions, right? How could you fault one more than the other. I would love this only for the bench clearing brawl that would definitely extend to the bullpens. In my book there’s nothing better than watching middle-relievers running from the outfield to tangle with the opposing team. So, I’m saying equal suspensions, plus a couple games for A-Rod, because fuck him (and the Cardinals).


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